Democrats are now ‘hemorrhaging’ support from the Hispanic voting community

Hispanic voters, while a relatively small voting bloc, can make a massive impact on elections in many parts of the United States, and Democrats have long counted on the Latino vote as a lock.

However, according to the Washington Examiner, Dems now have more cause for concern ahead of the 2022 midterm elections, as a new poll revealed that Hispanics are far less likely to express support for a Democratic candidate than they were last year, to the tune of 60% vs. now 37%.

The data came from a Wall Street Journal poll last week.

Suffolk University Political Research Center director David Paleologos shed some light to the Examiner about what the sharp drop in Hispanic voter support means for Democrats, who are already facing daunting, long odds of retaining majority control of the House — and possibly the Senate.

“With the overall Hispanic population growing at a faster rate than any other demographic in the U.S., both parties know that the 2022 midterm kingmakers could be these Hispanic voters,” Paleologos said.

He added: “We’ve found the issue of education to be disproportionately higher among Hispanics in many of our polls, along with immigration, as well as socialist political attacks from Republicans.”

According to Republican strategist Cesar Conda, Hispanics seem to be most concerned about COVID-19 vaccine mandates and how it affects their jobs, which is a crucial concern for millions of Americans.

Conda also said Democrats are “hemorrhaging” support from Hispanic voters, adding that he believes it also revolves around the Democrats’ incessant, socialistic policies and ideas. He added that Republicans can continue to take advantage of that by pushing anti-socialism messages in Hispanic communities.

“Republicans can accelerate the shift among Hispanics by not only offering real solutions on education, jobs and the economy, and crime but by opposing the Democrats’ big government socialism and wokeness,” Conda explained. “Hispanics are horrified that the Democrats are implementing the same kind of socialism that many of them escaped from in their home counties.”