Democrat super PACs target Trump in series of new initiatives

Caught up in their fervor to squeeze maximum impact out of their Jan. 6 commemorations, Democrats – including the leading super PAC supporting their party’s candidates – just launched new attacks on former President Donald Trump, in apparent disregard of November’s election results in places like Virginia, as Fox News reports.

Despite the advice of Democrats cautioning the party to heed the warnings found in the outcomes of significant Republican victories in traditionally blue states this past Fall, the Priorities USA PAC has just began an advertising blitz designed to take direct aim at Trump.

In one of the group’s new spots, footage and clips of news coverage of the Capitol unrest of last January runs as a narrator ominously cautions viewers that “last time was just a test run,” seeming to imply that allowing Trump to remain a part of American political life is a prospect fraught with existential risk.

“Donald Trump is putting people in place now to dictate the outcome of the next presidential election in Congress and in states all around the country,” the ad insists, referencing the former president’s active involvement in candidate endorsements for elected offices nationwide. WATCH:

Urging concerted action to elect Democrats as a means of eliminating Trump from the political landscape, another spot from the PAC declares that Joe Biden’s predecessor is “organizing to take over Congress in 2022” and that “the only way to stop Trump is with your vote.”

According to Fox News, another group of Democrat Party movers and shakers are also in the process of building a new super PAC with the name “Stop Him Now,” which is reportedly committed to bringing awareness to Trump’s links to Republican candidates seeking office this November and using hyperbolic rhetoric to frighten voters into action.

“Donald Trump is marshaling another force to take over the U.S. Capitol – his army of Republican supporters. Many running in this year’s midterms, intend on helping him return to power,” says the initial ad from the group.

Considering that Virginia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe was soundly defeated mere months ago after making his campaign all about bashing Trump, the ill-advised passions of liberals such as these may actually end up triggering a red wave the likes of which they never imagined.