Democrat Rep. Tom Malinowski under fire after watchdog groups find $671,000 in undisclosed stock trades

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has already taken criticism in the new session of Congress for not being able to control her caucus, which often results in unfavorable optics concerning the overall health of the party.

According to Breitbart, she appears to have a new headache brewing as Rep. Tom Malinowski (D-NJ) was hit this week with ethics complaints about a number of lucrative stock trades that he allegedly failed to disclose. The groups that lodged the complaints are asking the Office of Congressional Ethics to investigate the issue. 

The stock trades allegedly undisclosed by Malinowski amounted to a staggering $671,000, which was uncovered by two watchdog groups, the Campaign Legal Center and the Foundation for Accountability and Civic Trust (FACT).

Under the STOCK Act, members of Congress are required by federal law to disclose both purchases and sales of stocks within 30 to 45 days of the transaction. That rule is in place to assure the voting public that members of Congress playing the stock market are playing by the same rules as everyone else.

“It appears Malinowski was secretly trading stocks related to a national crisis, which prevented the public from evaluating whether his transactions were based upon information he obtained from his official position,” said FACT executive director Kendra Arnold.

At the crux of that allegation was the stock sale of $15,000 that Malinowski made just prior to the national COVID-19 pandemic last year, as he reportedly sold shares of Chembio Diagnostics, which is a company that dealt in selling COVID-19 testing supplies.

Not surprisingly, Malinowski’s office responded to the situation last week and called his failure to properly disclose the trades within the required time frame an “oversight,” adding that the New Jersey Democrat is now trying to correct the problem.

“It’s bad enough Malinowski broke federal law by failing to report these transactions, but even worse is the fact that he may have done it to hide trades that allowed him to profit off a pandemic while his constituents suffered,” said National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) spokesperson Samantha Bullock.

Only time will tell if Malinowski faces any serious consequences for his alleged failure to disclose his stock positions, but this is yet more evidence as to why members of Congress are considered by so many as some of the most corrupt, shady individuals in the country.

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  1. They’re all nothing but a bunch of thieves that are only out to fill thier pockets,these people(Democrats) could care less about the American people

  2. Gee! I’m shocked; another cover up by a democrat—say it ain’t so!—Really, what else is new? The 2020 election theft was the go signal for slime like this guy to steal from Americans. Well, Old Joe and the Ho will continue to screw things up unless somebody in government says ‘enough is enough’. They can hate Donald Trump as much as they want but when they start tearing down the good things the Trump administration accomplished regardless of how it affects the country… They are out of control insane. My bet is most of the democrat congressmen and senators are skimming off the top hand over fist. This poor schmuck must have pissed somebody in the GAO off.

  3. These crooks are never put behind bars…. why are they treated differently???? Why tell the country that they did wrong and not given any punishment…. this is what emboldens these crooks…. isn’t it a disgrace to find out that crooks run the country …. it wouldn’t surprise me that soon SCOTUS too will be found found doing things underhandedly….. being ethical is innate!!! You can’t be taught to be ethical …. you are either ethical or not..,., and it appears that these crooks running the country are not!!!!

  4. We have NO Government!!! They are only up there for their large salaries. Our country is being “overrun” by illegals who will have to be “taken care of” and WE will have to be taxed to death doing so! WHERE IS THE LAW?? WHO IS RUNNING THIS COUNTRY, ANYWAY?? LORD FORGIVE THEM FOR THEY KNOW NOT WHAT THEY DO!!

  5. Pelousy and her old man have been playing games forever with insider trading and do we see anything being done about it?

  6. guess my last comment was a little too close to home, as it was not printed. insider trading inside the basement. check it out.

  7. nothing will ever be done about any of this. these people ARE the “law”. they make it up as they go along, and will not do anything to harm each other. if you can read the whistleblower accounts of some of these elites, you will understand why I say this. one of President Trumps lawyers has this on line. if you know them, you will find what I am speaking of. the depositions from one person incriminate many. I have given up on ever seeing anyone arrested, and judged, and sent to prison. the law is theirs. we are the only ones who pay dearly for our “crimes”. it is common knowledge who is running the entire show. starts with an ‘S” and failure to comply is not an option.

  8. Seriously somebody better check to see if dementia joe actually signed his own name on the 60 plus executive orders he’s done so far!

    1. not to be flip, but Jilly had a rubber stamp made, which she signed his name to make, and all he does is stamp the E.O.”S. look up the E.O.’s filed with the national archives. they all are exactly alike, and are not actual signatures. not kidding here. remember he had trouble getting the pen in his pocket? doesn’t have to try that now.

  9. Every Democrat and Republican Rino in Congress needs to be investigated
    indepth and thoroughly. How much can you bet that most of them will come
    up dirty and having committed illegal actions and transactions. They should
    all be brought up on charges and maybe they will tell who has been coercing
    them into voting as their honchos have demanded, like Pelosi, and Schumer.
    Those two are so dirty they stink to high heaven.

  10. Prison and a date with big bubba! Time to resign ! If it was a republican Pelosi would be after their SEAT!


      1. The fact that the pelosi family scored big on Tesla and two other stocks was seemingly swept under the rug but this guy is slammed. Total hypocrisy

        1. Got to have a patsy to take the heat so the big fish don’t get caught but the end of their life after death is the lake that burneth with fire and brimstone. Very bad ending!!

    1. He is just following in the other crooked steps of pelosi, schumer,obama,biden to name
      a few. This whole administration are all crooks, otherwise they wouldn’t be there.

          1. Let’s investigate them all. Esp. Nancy and her husband during the ObamaCare stocks in the medical field

      1. True and he will be their “escape goat” when it comes to the punishment. They’ll use him but will continue on with their evilness.

      2. I’m still waiting to hear the TRUTH about nancy p’s investment in ELECTRIC CARS right after biden took office because SHE knew he was going to PUSH them. ANYBODY-?? She needs the same treatment as Martha got– IF we can give ANY credence to our judicial system– (start laughing, go ahead) they need to Step Up and earn their money. I don’t know WHY or HOW these people continue to get away with what they do BUT— WE would have been in jail 3 lifetimes if we had pulled 1/2 of the krap that these people have done. God Bless America and PLEASE Bring forth the Truth Tellers~!!

    2. they all need to be looked at including Pelosi, I’m pretty sure she is guilty of insider trading and she and her husband have benefited!

    3. there was quite a it if insider trading going on by elected officials , it was not only Diane Feinstein who got raided by the FBI , the House speaker & her Husband as well partook, but I have heard nothing about it. the media is paid to cover up wrong doing, lie to the American people, & Americans just can not trust any of them.

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