Democrat-led House passes sweeping election overhaul bill

In what Republicans warn is a sweeping federal power grab sure to usher in massive amounts of voter fraud, the Democrat-led U.S. House of Representatives on Wednesday passed the “For the People Act” by a margin of 220-210, as the Washington Examiner reported.

Democrats have touted the legislation as a means to eliminate barriers to voting, end partisan gerrymandering of congressional districts, and establish public campaign financing by instituting a 6-to-1 match of small-dollar donations, with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) claiming:

What we are doing in this fight that we’re engaged in is to empower the people. This is called the For the People Bill.

And in doing so, we combat big, dark, special-interest money in politics and amplify the voice of the American people.

Republican opponents of the bill, however, point to its requirements that all states offer mail-in voting, institute same-day voter registration, permit felons who have served their sentences to vote, and implement no less than 15 days of early voting in each congressional election, as evidence of its nakedly partisan motivations, as the New York Post noted.

Other controversial provisions include designating colleges as automatic agencies for the facilitation of voter registration, permitting ballot harvesting, prohibiting voter ID requirements, and mandating no-excuse absentee voting.

In remarks Tuesday on the House floor, Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) stated that Democrats were not interested in passing these measures as a way to earn the trust of voters and restore the integrity of the voting process, but “to ensure they don’t lose more seats in the next election.”

In an op-ed penned by Republican Reps. Chip Roy (TX), Ted Budd (NC), and Jody Hice (GA), the legislation was characterized as Democrats “fundamentally rewriting the rules of American politics and campaign finance laws” to guarantee that they “control Congress and the White House for years to come, if not forever.”

Rep. Claudia Tenney (R-NY) authored an opinion piece of her own for The Hill in which she blasted Democrats for “leveraging legitimate concerns about election integrity to rush this dangerous bill through Congress,” adding:

It won’t make our elections safer, instead it will give House Democrats an advantage in future elections by eliminating nearly every guardrail that preserves the sanctity of the ballot box today.

Pelosi is opening the floodgates for almost anyone to submit a ballot, or even multiple ballots, regardless of eligibility.

It is a new partisan low, even for Washington standards.

A nearly identical version of the current legislation was passed in the House this time last year, but its further progress was thwarted by then-Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY). Now that the upper chamber is comprised of 50 members from each party, the bill stands little chance of attracting the support necessary to overcome a GOP filibuster that would increase the passage threshold to 60 votes.

Among those willing to take the incendiary step of eliminating the long-standing filibuster procedure in order to save what she calls a “critical election bill” is Sen. Amy Klobuchar, chair of the Senate Rules Committee. Whether there is sufficient additional support among her colleagues for such a move remains to be seen.

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  1. I agree with the write up! The Democrats want to stay in control of the government. Our government is supposed to be a system of checks and balances. No one politically motivated group is supposed to have an unfair majority over another. This is probably one of the reasons why the independent party was formed. To put a stop to the fighting for control. Our leaders need to work together for the greater good of the people, not fight to see who gets the ball to play with.

  2. Gang,
    All that this bill does is to legalize everything that happened on Nov 3rd, when Trump won by a landslide, but in the dark of the night, ballots miraculously appeared, and were counted, when the counting was to have been suspended, and the poll watchers (such “watching” as they were allowed!) went home.

    God help us if this gets thru the Senate!

  3. We don’t need to impeach them. We need to try them for treason and punish them accordingly. Pelosi just turned 80 this year. She and I are the same age, but I have integrity–she doesn’t. She lies and calls herself a Christian.

  4. You know, it is interesting and gratifying to see the democrat party’s house of cards implode. “Never let a good crisis go to waste” is their mantra. They’ve seized power during the COVID19 pandemic by propagating lies and confusion. They stole the election by ballot box stuffing and gotten the power. The problem is most of them haven’t got a wisp of an idea of how to hold it. The lies are being found out; the money people (Gates, Musk, etc.) aren’t as powerful as they imagined. Honest Federal Judges such as Thomason in Arizona, are ruling against their agenda of keeping their fraudulent actions of 2020 out of sight. Now somebody is going to jail and that usually means the rats begin to desert the sinking ship. I can’t wait.

  5. The communist got there wish,same thing they did in the last election and these dumb democrats love it ,Maybe we should vote with our guns ,that’s the only way we are going to stop the commies.How are they going to like it when it happens them ,Republicans can play the same game.Get it democrats.

  6. In a boat that’s built of sticks and hay,
    We drifted from the shore,
    With a captain who’s too “proud” to say,
    That he dropped the oar,
    Now a tiny hole has sprung a leak,
    In this cheap pontoon,
    Now the hull has started growing weak,
    And we’re gonna be sinkin’ soon.

    (Song by Norah Jones)

  7. 2020 election was stolen by dems. Now there trying to say this hr1 bill is for the people what’s said about is some will be leave the BS . Hr1 is 2020 election turned legal! That’s what the whole dem party wants.if that happens we’ll have lost america!

  8. Somebody needs todo something! Our nation is being sunk. We must turn to God as He is our answer. Man Can not do anything to help us

  9. Whenever you hear something say, “For the People”. Look at who is saying it, research what it says, and the track record of this individual. The devil always says something good to lure you in. So, do your research. Just like signing something. Never take someone’s word for it.

  10. All this b******* talk that the Republicans can take the House /Senate back is a load of s***. With the rigging of the last election and now these new laws that are supposed to quote “strengthen” our democracy or voting rights the Democrats will have control for a long time. The courts have for the most part ignored or surrendered to the far left doesn’t help the Republican situation either. The weak spined/apathetic Republicans for the most part have ensured the demise of our Republic. The Republicans did almost nothing during President Trumps first two years when they had complete control and now they are crying after they did nothing. The Republican party’s apathy has doomed themselves in the long term. Now that apparently the Democrats for the most part see the Republicans as enemies and some Republicans also the chances of a mutual benefit for our country is fading fast.

  11. Well the one good thing is Nancy Pelosi is in her mid 80s and soon she will just turn into black dust and blow away!

  12. When the people who make the laws break the laws there is no law. Just a fight for survival.

  13. Is our America ever going back to normalcy again with these jokers of politicians we have in DC???? The left had the nerve to call President Trump a dictator, etc. President Trump loves America!!!! Plain and simple!

    Answer me this as well—when is the National Guard leaving DC????

  14. Looks like more money for Democratic Elite’s not much for regular Americans. Well at least they didn’t get a bridge and tunnel . And not much of relief for Covid-19.

  15. Has Pelosi even read the Constitution??
    This HR 1 is Unconstitutional!!
    It will go to the Supremes eventually.
    Contact your Senators and keep their switchboards a buzz with vote NO on HR-1 and for the Covid Relief (+600 pages) vote NO for anything that’s NOT COVID RELIEF RELATED!!

  16. I WAS BORN FREE Under The Constitutional Way Of Voting And 10,s of millions of Americans Should Surround D.C. And Force The left out of D.C. For Good The Millitary Should not have to live like animals on floors And live on spoiled garbage i n America>The Left Are China Zombies And Should Be Taken Out.

  17. Nancy Pelosi needs to be taken ” DOWN and OUT ” ASAP – get the b—h out – off her perch – Pelosi is no friend of Americans -or justice – she has no concept of responsibility or accountability to our constitution – she is a ” POWER HUNGRY Witch ” only looking out for herself . BYE BYE NANCY !!!!!!

  18. Politicians are our servants, NOT our masers. This takes the power away from the people and gives it to the politicians. Congress has just declared war agains the people it serves. Term limits are needed for all in government.

  19. 2020 election was stolen now they want to be able to steal every election from now till the Lord comes back what a joke communists in the White House must take back America wake up illegals free for all and Americans put in cages so wrong stop the purge of Americans what is happened to the constitution we the people should be in charge but Demoncrates want to be sheep herders we must be Patriots 2nd amendment is still in play

  20. Slavery is BACK! Thank you for voting for the democrat party! Don’t care if you are black or white! YOU are now a slave! Fool think they are intelligent should not VOTE! Black who help over the summer during these RIOTER AND STEALING just put themselves back in CHAIN!

  21. Stop this bill from going or I’ll never vote again. Call you GOP senators and Congressmen and tell them to vote against this. Sign any petition against this.

  22. This is sick and remember who voted for it and remove them at the next election you know Pelosi come up for vote I guess this is to make sure she wins. Where are our people for America they must have left or is afraid of Pelosi. Well we really need cowards like that in our government??

  23. This is anti-American. It is despicable. I hope states find a way around this terrible way of undermining honest voting.

    1. I agree. None of the politicians are representing the people from their states. We should restructure the system and allow the people to vote for or against all the bills separately…without sneaking in extra agendas. We hired them and they are not trustworthy to do the job…so we will. If we can even trust that a social security number equals a valid US citizen, show up to vote with a valid fingerprint, we might have a true vote.

  24. From what I have read about this act it has nothing to do with the people, it is just a way to grab power over the election system by taking the election process away from the states and letting DC decide things and if the Senate does not stop this power grab then we can kiss our election system good by along with our freedom as Americans

      1. I wrote to both of my Senators asking them to vote no on this bill. However, they are both Democrats so I probably wasted my time. I live in Delaware and it is a Democrat state.

        1. I live in Illinois, and the same thing. Both are Democrats, and both are defensive in their decision.

        2. Same with Connecticut Linda, I write or call my elected officials and receive the same “canned” letter for anything I write. One letter fits all! And, I am also in a dem state – Connecticut – where one can only whisper to a fellow conservative about justice!

          1. You got the “canned letter”….you know that press secretaries are no more than well paid “commercial liars”…

        3. I’m in the same leaky boat as you. I have a huge disadvantage of Livingston California. A dead-blue state. From which the spawn of polosi and her like have squirmed from. God help America.

        4. Yeah, we are screwed. I wrote to my Senators as well. They are Republican. They voted no. However, their votes are meaningless after the Bidet lies that gave the idiots the majority. Promising immediate $2,000 checks if the Dems were elected should be campaign fraud.

      2. They have no concern about the American people, voting or otherwise. This is just another way to cheat the American people just like they did this time. To help the crooks in office now who seem to think they are in office just for themselves. They all forget who put them there and what they are even there for. Nancy Pelosi thinks she is President of a third world country who votes for nothing. Well my consolation is one day just as everyone of us will do, she will stand before the throne of God and be judged. And she won’t get to have the last word, or do her own thing that hurts people. God Almighty will have his way. Amen!

    1. It’s already gone. So disturbing. They’ve taken over. Tired of hearing coming back 2022. Rigged in 2020 got away with it. Will again in 2022. No faith in our government. They talk about no one being above the law? What about them? Something has to be done to them. They need to pay. Impeach them all corrupt illegal nonsense and they get away with it. Distraction from their own corruption. Pitiful they’re getting away with it. We’re allowing it to happen.

      1. I’m not telling anybody what I think! I’d be dead tomorrow by the communists!

        Why doesn’t someone of authority do something because you know this way of voting is unconstitutional!

        Most important WHY AREN’T THE BIDENS IN JAIL??????????????????

      2. Totally agree with impeachment for all then start over . The integrity of our elections are in the toilet . Get rid of that demented speaker of the house and put someone in there who cares about our country and not lining their pockets .

      3. I think that a Federal level judge would have to file an injunction to get this matter to the Supreme Court. The legality of Congress doing this kind of underhanded B.S. needs to be stopped. The DemoRats are great at blind-siding the American people, and calling things something very different from reality. (Unfortunately many Americans listen to the MSM, the idiots on The View, the Hollywood Elite, and the Late Night talk show fools.)

    2. Thats what they wanted and got it we are finished with a 2 party system it will be one side Democrat all the way now no chance of a Normal life or a constitution with rights Its now called Pelosi’s AMERICA

    3. This is so very Wrong. This Bill has absolutely nothing to do with the people, only the DEMORATS.
      Pelosi need’s to just drop dead. She’s been only for herself and the Swamp Creatures. God Help Us All

    4. The only we the people are going to help are the Democrats. They’re doing everything they can to make sure they have as much power as possible in their pockets. They want the power it takes to silence the people of America. This is one of their plans on doing it. .

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