Democrat house candidate magically erases 28,000 vote deficit, ‘wins’ by 13 votes

Even by Democrat standards, this is shameless.

A Democrat congressional candidate from New York is declaring victory in his race after overcoming a 28,000-vote deficit and winning the race by 13 votes, after a Democrat judge ordered a recount including spoiled ballots. The strange outcome has even moved many mainstream outlets to raise questions.

HotAir editor Jazz Shaw recounts what happened:

The Washington Examiner reports:

[Democrat Anthony] Brindisi trailed Republican challenger Claudia Tenney by about 28,000 votes on election night in New York’s 22nd Congressional District but closed that gap over the next few weeks to just 100-200 votes as mail-in ballots were counted.

Despite Tenney’s slim lead, Owego County state Supreme Court Justice Scott DelConte issued an injunction to block election officials certifying the results, setting the stage for Brindisi’s 13 vote lead.

The race is still up in the air as of press time.

This is a perfect example of why President Trump’s decision to fight the fraud is so important. Democrats have repeatedly showed that they’ll do anything to win, unless they’re stopped. Conceding is not an option. The only way to preserve our Republic is to fight.

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    1. This Judge should be checked also I don’t Believe this count. This count should be done by People that won’t cheat

      1. YES!!! Who fact checks the fact checkers??? We know it has been proven that anyone with a “D” beside their names cannot be trusted. I cring to think of them in any form in our government, let alone, the White House!! Ugh!!

  1. How does this guy sleep at night? This shows that the corrupt people Democraps have involved everywhere they need them get it done. Unreal, and hopefully something can be done to erase the evil done here.

  2. It’s quick obvious that you can’t erase what these parasites do, no one stands up to them and they’ve taken control of our country with Liberal backed punks like the Facebook scumbag….

  3. We need to stand fast for Trump and fight this rigged and fraudulent election even Hoe Biden stated a couple of weeks ago that this election was rigged!
    The FBI have found various incident of fraud in all the states especially the one important for the electorate vote and have filed a number of lawsuits per the FBI agent at Lauran Ingram show!

    We need to keep on fighting and not listen to the democrat and republican senators telling us to accept the elections do not know why they are there, they are definitely not doing our best interest, they should resign shame on them!

  4. Someone needs to start investigating the judges, so how much do you think they’re getting paid ? Amazing how many judges have tossed out President Trumps proof on the fraud that’s happening. I don’t believe we can trust the judges anymore they actually think we’re stupid. 30 of our Presidents cases have been tossed out and we’re supposed to believe that our Presidents attorney’s would go to court with no case . We’re in deep poop.

  5. It’s amazing how in less than a month we’ve gone from;
    “There was No Fraud.”
    “There was Very Little Fraud.”
    “There Wasn’t Enough Fraud To Change The Results.”
    “There was enough Fraud to change the results BUT, You can’t Prove It.”
    The Democratic-appointed Judges are dismissing the cases so,
    Biden Won!

  6. We had a similar thing happen in Virginia with Nick Freitus. He was way in front of Spanberger (a Pelosi puppet)

  7. Tod bevor ungeehre!…..I grew up as a Catholic school boy in the 50′-s.. was taught that the only good communist was a DEAD one!… hence, VIETNAM! …this has all changed???..☆not on my watch!! Peace???

  8. So are the good folks in NY off their a$$es and doing something about it? No, looks like a lot of upset gums flapping without action again. You get what you are willing to stand up for – it REQUIRES ACTION, not just talk! You too will be walked peacefully into the gas chambers, re-education camps or gulogs (as they call for) if you do not TAKE ACTION to stop it. What’s the saying? Freedom is not free, it must be fought for! WELL, STAND UP AND FIGHT! BE LOUD! PROTEST the JUDGE! PROTEST ALL the STATE OFFICIALS! PROTEST the DEMOCRATIC HEADQUARTERS OFFICES! DO SOMETHING besides sit there and complain wawawawawaw! I’m so tired of hearing cry babies waiting for someone else to change their diapers.

  9. How long do we, the people, have to put up with all the fraud being done by the Democrats and with the help of a few select Judges . This whole election should be tossed out and done only by in person voting . They can riot and protest and burn down businesses of hard working Americans but they have to mail in a ballot cause of COVID …which is a bunch of BS!!!

  10. All above posts are right on target! Why are the lame judges allowed on the bench? Why aren’t they stripped of their judgeship? It can be done! If they refuse to follow the rule of law, they are guilty of dereliction of duty! They have to take an oath to uphold the constitution and the rule of law, if they do not, they have broken their oath! Get them OFF the bench! They are not defenders of justice!

  11. Why is it that all democrats haven’t any shame and will cheat to win. ? Is there just one democrat that has a bit of SHAME ? No I don’t think so, even their voters appear to not have any. Sad.

  12. F**k the free and honest elections!!! Until the Supreme Court decides to get involved and stop this BS idea of honest elections. The democrats will win any race they want. I have no confidence that any Republican will win in the senate run off in Georgia. No one has the balls to put a stop to these suddenly appear ballots that decide a political race. I will never again vote in an election until this crap is fixed

  13. The only way to fix this BS is to have term limits, or the Supreme Court to get involved, and stop this crap or we have another civil war to stop this S**t!!!! Maybe one of these ideas will guarantee us free and honest elections, because right now we don’t have a democracy!!!!!

  14. Why wouldn’t the Dems cheat? There is no one to call them out. They have the BIG tech and BIG money behind them to help the fake news cover up. WHY? Follow the money.
    They are all profiting from the Dem party. As are all the Dem politicians. The poor and honest citizens are being hood winked.
    They think the Biden administration will bring peace…HA…They are the ones that are creating the chaos.

  15. It sickens me how corrupt the government, the judges, the news media, the television, everything has become corrupt!

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