Democrat asks Attorney General Merrick Garland to reinvestigate the accusations made against Kavanaugh

U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland has been asked to look into the 2018 FBI background check of Associate Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. 

Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) made the bombshell request last Thursday via a letter to the attorney general’s office, requesting that the newly appointed cabinet member re-visit the allegations of sexual assault brought against Kavanaugh during his confirmation process. 

Whitehouse’s March 11 letter floated the theory that the FBI, under the Republican administration, could have been “politically constrained” or might have conducted a “fake” investigation altogether. 

“Dr. Ford’s testimony obviously justified further investigation to seek corroborating or inconsistent evidence,” Whitehouse’s letter asserted. 

“If standard procedures were violated, and the Bureau conducted a fake investigation rather than a sincere, thorough and professional one, that in my view merits congressional oversight to understand how, why, and at whose behest and with whose knowledge or connivance, this was done.”

The re-investigation of Kavanaugh likely signals more than just a concern for the Supreme Court. Democrats made no secret of their lack of confidence in the previous administration’s integrity. 

According to CBS’s report on the request, the senator seems to be looking to draw more power over the issue toward his house of Congress. Whitehouse reportedly asked Garland to “facilitate proper oversight by the Senate.”

Liberals could intend to take exception to any investigation that ended in results they were displeased with. If that were the case, legislating through the DOJ could be the “legislating from the bench” for our generation. 

Additionally, while Whitehouse might believe the accusations against Kavanaugh were correct, it cannot be lost on anyone who keeps abreast of the news how convenient a forced Supreme Court vacancy would be at this particular time in history.