Dem party ‘may pay’ for Biden picking Harris as vice president, pundit claims

To be fair, President Joe Biden, like anyone else, has made his fair share of both good and bad decisions during the course of his career.

But according to Washington Examiner opinion writer Tom Joyce, selecting Kamala Harris as his vice president definitely falls into the latter category. Joyce argued that the Democratic Party “may pay” for Biden’s selection of Harris as his running mate, adding that such punishment would be “well deserved” by the party.

Pointing out the first obvious red flag that Biden and his handlers should have recognized, Joyce commented on the fact that Harris was wildly unpopular with Democratic voters in the 2020 Democratic primary, which undoubtedly played a role in why she dropped out before the first caucus even took place.

“She got fewer delegates than former U.S. Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, a Hawaii Democrat, someone who played a role in killing the Harris campaign,” the Examiner writer added.

Readers were also reminded of the time during the Democratic primaries when Harris accused Biden of being a racist, which scored her major points at the time with a number of “woke” progressives in the party, but would later laugh it off as if such accusations were not a big deal.

Joyce went on to nail Harris on her calls to decriminalize illegal immigration and her previous flip-flops on the controversial “Medicare for all” issue. He also reminded readers that Harris is a “pro-abortion extremist.”

“She supports unpopular second- and third-trimester elective abortions, as well as commonsense requirements such as parental notification, waiting periods, and informed consent laws,” he added.

Given her dwindling poll numbers, which have fallen behind even Biden’s luke-warm reception by voters of his own party, Harris’ future in politics is looking dim. Couple that with the recent controversy regarding a toxic environment within her office, and it’s clear to anyone that she’s nothing less than a total mess for the Democratic Party.

Joyce concluded: “If Biden’s party suffers because he got Harris instead of an honest centrist, that’s on Biden. If he does seek reelection — hopefully, he doesn’t — let’s hope it’s at least with a different running mate.”