Dem lawmakers say Pelosi’s House is a ‘hostile work environment’ as more retire

At this point, it’s more than fair to say that Democrats, especially in the House, are realizing what’s likely to happen to the party next year in the 2022 midterms as ticked-off Americans take out their frustrations with the Dems’ radical progressive agenda at the voting booth.

In a bombshell report from Politico, amid an increasing number of Dems announcing their retirements ahead of what is widely expected to be a bloodbath, it’s apparently gotten so bad under House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) that some Dem lawmakers are “threatening to kill other members.”

A number of veteran House Dems described the situation to Politico, noting that it’s not surprising that so many are heading for the exits, amid an increasingly “hostile” environment under Pelosi’s watch.

“Let’s face it: The atmosphere in this place — it’s a hostile work environment,” Rep. Ron Kind (D-WI) said, who’s also retiring. “We’ve got members threatening to kill other members and treating each other with such disrespect.”

The Wisconsin Democrat added: “Things seem to be getting worse.”

In the latest brutal development for Pelosi to deal with was the shocking retirement announcement last week from Rep. Peter DeFazio (D-OR), chair of the House transportation committee. His departure will further cripple the party’s razor-thin majority and leave open yet another seat to be filled next year.

Rep. Scott Peters (D-CA) held nothing back as he described Pelosi’s lower chamber, telling Politico: “This place is a slog.”

Other senior House Democrats who claim to have a list of more potential retirement announcements from their colleagues — some of whom hold high-level committee chairs — are warning that Democrats could face both fundraising and recruitment issues if more Dems decide to pack up and leave ahead of 2022.

Democrats, under Pelosi’s reign, are headed for absolute political disaster in the coming year. It’s no surprise that her minions are jumping ship like terrified rats.