Dem lawmaker admits Jan. 6 committee could permanently bar Trump from running for office

The truth about the Jan. 6 House select committee has finally been let out of the bag: It’s a witch hunt against former President Donald Trump, and it appears as if the committee’s sole purpose is to “bar” him from running for office ever again.

According to The Washington Times, Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) said during an ABC News interview that if the committee finds that Trump is complicit — and believe us, that term will be used quite loosely — in “organizing” or “participating” in the Jan. 6 Capitol riot, he could be permanently barred from running for the presidency.

Most people who pay attention knew this was the goal all along, but at least the hardcore anti-Trump Democrats on the committee are finally admitting that’s what’s really happening.

“Section 3 of the 14th Amendment says that anybody who has sworn an oath to uphold the Constitution, who violates and betrays that oath by participating in an insurrection and rebellion against the Union shall never be allowed to hold public office again,” Raskin proudly explained during the interview.

Raskin was the House impeachment lawyer during Trump’s first hoax impeachment trial, where he was utterly humiliated after failing to make a compelling enough case to have the president convicted.

He added: “That was adopted by the Republicans, the radical Republicans, after the Civil War during the Reconstruction period. It was used then and it may indeed, depending on what we find Donald Trump did, be a blockade for him ever being able to run for office again.”

When asked during the interview if Raskin could prove Trump was in the wrong on that day, the Maryland Democrat seemed confident that he was complicit, adding that the only challenge now is to determine what level of complicity it was.

“The question is to what extent he was complicit in organizing [the riot],” Raskin said. “And that’s exactly what the select committee is looking at, as we are fulfilling our charge under House Resolution 503 to determine all of the facts composing the events and causes of the events on Jan. 6th.”

However, if this is the road they really want to go down, they’d better find that proof quick, as Republicans are widely predicted to take majority control of the House — and maybe the Senate — in the 2022 midterms, and Dems will not have the voting power to fulfill their anti-Trump fantasy.