Delivery driver fights back during carjacking, leaves assailant in critical condition

Americans everywhere continue to be shocked by the absolute brazenness of criminals from coast to coast, something that was in evidence yet again on Thursday in Philadelphia when a pizza delivery driver reportedly fought back against a carjacker, shooting him several times, according to local Fox affiliate WXTF.

The crazy scene unfolded in the Kensington neighborhood when a 39-year-old pizza man was attempting to make a delivery on H Street around 7:40 p.m.

That is when an armed man appeared and moved to steal the deliveryman’s vehicle, but was soon thwarted by his quick-acting would-be victim.

The food delivery worker, who possessed a concealed carry gun permit, pulled his weapon and shot his assailant, hitting him six times, and while the wannabe carjacker fired back, he missed his intended target, as the New York Post noted.

Authorities reported that the unsuccessful car thief was taken to Temple University Hospital and subsequently listed in critical condition.

This jarring – yet sadly increasingly common – display of unlawful hubris is just the recent incident of its nature in the City of Brotherly Love, with 90 carjackings having already occurred this year, according to the Post.

The trend of criminality has been gaining steam in Philadelphia in recent years, with a total of 757 carjackings taking place last year, a substantial increase from the tally of 404 from 2020.

Unfortunately, Philadelphia’s carjacking epidemic is but one aspect of a crime surge that has gripped the nation, with perpetrators of all descriptions seemingly emboldened to commit offenses ranging from retail theft in broad daylight to naked ambushes of on-duty police officers responding to calls.

Until liberal, soft-on-crime prosecutors – such as Philadelphia’s own Larry Krasner – start taking their duties more seriously, it is likely that more and more everyday citizens will follow this pizza deliveryman’s lead and take justice into their own hands as they increasingly feel they have no other choice, and the streets continue to spiral out of control.