Death toll from COVID-19 exceeds that of the 1918 flu pandemic

While the COVID-19 pandemic has turned into a white-hot political topic, the novel coronavirus has left its mark on the United States in many ways, including a high death toll.

According to The Hill, the Johns Hopkins COVID-19 tracker updated this week to reveal that more Americans have died of COVID-19 than those who succumbed to the 1918 flu pandemic, which also wreaked widespread havoc on a younger United States of America. 

The magic number was 675,000 fatalities — the number of dead from the 1918 pandemic. COVID-19 deaths surpassed that number in recent days, and according to experts, will continue to rise, as some 2,000 Americans are dying from COVID-19 on a daily basis.

Tom Frieden, the former head of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, predicted earlier this month that COVID-19 deaths would surpass the previous global pandemic death count.

“The number of reported deaths from Covid in the US will surpass the toll of the 1918 flu pandemic this month,” Frieden wrote at the time. “We cannot become hardened to the continuing, and largely preventable, tragedy.”

However, it’s extremely important to point out that in 1918, the United States’ population was significantly smaller than it is in 2021, meaning that the 1918 flu pandemic actually killed a much higher percentage of the U.S. population than COVID-19, by far.

To compare, in 1918, America had a population of roughly 100 million, which meant that the 1918 flu killed roughly six out of every 1,000 Americans. COVID-19, so far, appears to have killed roughly two out of every 1,000 Americans.

The new stat, which will undoubtedly be broadcast on an hourly basis across most of the left-leaning mainstream media, also doesn’t take into account the never-ending emergence of reports that call into question whether the Americans who died of COVID-19 died with the virus, compared to the actual number of people who died as a result of complications from the virus.

Unfortunately, the latest statistic will likely be used by the Biden administration and other high-profile politicians to fearmonger the unvaccinated, without the proper context explained. But that seems to be the standard in 2021.