David Pearce, in jail for drugging and raping women, now charged with murder

David Pearce, a reported scumbag of a person who’s been jailed since December 2021 for raping and drugging women, is now facing murder charges.

According to the New York Post, those who knew Pearce only had negative things to say about him, with many calling him a scammer, a sleaze bag who hit on women and stared at them, and who tried to constantly get date-rape drugs into their drinks. 

The Post noted: “For one thing, Pearson called himself a ‘producer’ although his Hollywood credits were sparse and embellished. People who know him say he was mostly a B-list nightclub and party promoter, sometimes paid to wrangle hot women and reality celebrities into clubs in LA and Las Vegas.”

“He was a total scumbag cheeseball and druggie,” one L.A. nightclub-goer told the outlet. A club doorman added: “He’s a con artist and a fraud. Hate him.”

Another clubber told the Post that Pearce was “always creeping around clubs, restaurants, bars. He’d be hitting on girls, staring at them … None of the good clubs ever wanted him hanging around. I wish guys like him would get real jobs and stay away from the clubs.”

Pearce, now 40, is facing murder charges in the deaths of Christy Giles, 24, and Hilda Marcela Cabrales-Arzola, 26, an aspiring architect, the Post noted.

The two women, after a night of partying in East Los Angeles, allegedly met up with Pearce and went back to his apartment, along with actor Brandt Osborn, 42, and cameraman Michael Ansbach, 47.

The bodies of the two women showed up at two separate hospitals the next morning, and were dropped off by masked men, said to be Pearce and Osborn. Their deaths were officially declared homicides by the coroner.