Data shows droves of US voters moving from blue states to red states

One of many indicators of how the country is feeling regarding political leadership is where voters are moving to, and where they moved from.

The most recent data shows a crystal clear pattern of voters moving out of blue states, like Illinois and New York, and setting up residence in red states like Texas and Florida.

Spectator world noted: “An incredible 46 million people moved to a new ZIP code over the year to February 2022, the highest annual total since Equifax, a credit agency, began tracking moves in 2010.”

Most of those moves involved people moving out of blue areas and into red areas. Republican-led states made the top of the list as final destinations, which included Florida, North Carolina, and Texas.

In contrast, New York, California, and Illinois were among the biggest losers of residents over the same time period.

“Labor Department data analyzed by the think tank Brookings Institution shows that red states – Texas and Florida in particular – are faring better than others when it comes to economic recovery. Meanwhile, blue states like California and New York saw people leaving, often in search of more affordable places to live,” KERA reported.

The trend is expected to continue, especially as Democrats fail to get a grip on the inflation crisis that is making everything more expensive by the day.