Dark day: Nancy Pelosi ends free debate in Congress

Nancy Pelosi and the Democrat House leadership just unveiled new rules for Congress, the representative body of the American people. One thing that’s very clear from the new rules is that they’re designed to shut down free debate in Congress.

Even in the nation’s government, Democrats are intent on censoring other points of view. They must be opposed.

At least one Republican is making a stand. Representative and ranking member of the House Rules Committee Tom Cole (R-OK) issued a statement condemning Pelosi’s rule changes.

“This package is a blatant and cowardly assault on the voices and views of the Republican minority, which represents a growing number of seats in the House following the general election in November,” Cole stated.

“Alarmingly, the package includes eliminating the longstanding motion to recommit in its current form and censoring opposing ideas…Clearly, this proves that Democrats are afraid of Republican ideas, and they cannot effectively defend their own points of view.”

Cole’s statement continues: “In addition to limiting procedural tools historically available to the minority party in Congress for more than a century, I am very disturbed that the package attacks the right to free speech by creating an ethics violation for members and employees of the House who post or share things that others think are unfounded or inappropriate.”

“Such a rule is rife with the possibility of abuse and likely to be enforced in a way that creates a double standard between the majority and minority. This is a dark day for the preservation of free and thoughtful debate in the institution and indeed, all members elected by the people and for the people.”

Amen, Representative Cole. Democrats are afraid of our ideas, so they’re trying to silence them. We can’t let that happen, or we lose America forever.

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  1. Nancy D’Alesandro Pelosi is a power-hungry political monster. She is truly dangerous to the freedoms and rights of Americans.

    But God save our Republic if the Democrats also gain control of the Senate!

  2. In a nutshell, Pelosi cares only for herself, her power & her wealth. She has fully exposed what she is made of & what a scathing subhuman she is. Watching her hold up that gavel, like she was everyone’s God, made me sick!!!! Hope she’s ready for her “judgement day”

  3. Unfortunately I am afraid this is just a taste of what is to come. America can only be defeated from within, it has already started. Having lived in other countries and seeing how repressive some can be, I fear for our freedoms as Americans. By sitting by and watching what was happening in the Democratic party we have allowed this to happen. We must stand strong try to overcome the path our country is on for our children and grandchildren.

  4. What America needs to do is to take the best possible course of action and get rid of Pelosi in any way possible.

  5. This crosses the border of free speech even more than demonstrations, flag burning and other treasonous acts, Pelosi needs tobe removed entirely and at the least as Speaker of the House…she does not speak for me in any way, shape or form

  6. This is EXACTLY how communism got started in other countries. First they restrict your movements (Covid lockdown), then they become your ONLY form of information (taking over all forms of news), next is to suppress ALL forms of ways for the people to discuss their point of view, finally they push as many people into poverty and to be dependent on government (food lines & government handouts).
    If you think I’m lying to you try posting something like what I wrote above in a non free speech venue like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

  7. Get rid of the old bat piglosci, she is more trouble than she is worth. Pray for President Trump, let’s hope he gets back in, or God help America if he doesn’t win this election, they did everything they could to try and get rid of him, so please God put him in again, 4more years. Love the President. Go DJT.

  8. We have to fight back. If we lose the Senate, we must band together to take back the house and senate in 2022. If we can’t do that, we are sunk. they will drag us into communism.

    1. Battle cry: Government of the people, By the people, For the people.
      AND, More importantly: TERM LIMITS for all politicians. NOT JUST THE PRESIDENT!
      Fight the crooked Liberal Democrats.

  9. When is the Senate and the congress going to develop the balls to stand up for America and it’s people AND OUR PRESIDENT. Pelosi is an abomination as well as the rest of her followers. We have a constitution FOLLOW IT! The Supreme court is an extreme disappointment. They swore to upheld the Constitution. Get rid of the ones that are not doing it. WE the American people are fed up! We will eliminate those of you who are not protecting us and the Constitution. How can those of you hypocrites send billions to foreign countries when Americans are suffering. Please answer that.
    Enough is Enough.

  10. Pelosi is unconstitutional! And—- she should be sued for endangerment for having covid positive people in the chamber, just so she can win the vote! How many congressmen and women were exposed ? How many will catch the virus due to this unconscionable act on her part?

  11. I guess you can see why they want all guns removed from the people, that way they get their way without people fighting back.

    1. Affirmative Mike…But their just digging a bigger hole for themselves in the end. We can start with idiots like Beto…

  12. Some have called President Trump a Nazi. I think Pelosi and some of the Democrats are Nazis. Haven’t they read the Constitution? It says we have freedom of speech.

    1. Name callers usually accuse other what they themselves really are. In this case these actions are similar to that of the Nazis. The social censorship that I am sure will occur with them removing my post is another example. American that believe in Freedom it time to stand up and be heard

  13. Oppressive Democrat Rule has been expected if they ever got full control of our government. A sad day in our history and a disgraceful action by Pelosi.

    1. Pelosi herself is a disgrace to our congress. Do we only have one Republican with a backbone that is willing to stand against this bill?

        1. Those people from FB that is shutting us down to silence us are working for the radical Democratic Party. They do not want the truth out .

    1. Yes, and Democrats are afraid of a democracy where free speech is universal. The only free speech they permit is their own.

      1. The Democrats know that they are going down for all of the corruption they have done now and long before now . Biden gets in everything will be buried forever because we will no longer live in a Free country we will be living under a communist country.

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