Dan Bongino off the air over vaccine mandate

Former Secret Service agent, Fox News contributor, and successful radio host Dan Bongino has been absent from his first week of the season of shows, according to a report in PJ Media

According to the publication, the tech entrepreneur added “nationally syndicated talk host” to his resume when he filled many of the radio spots left behind by veteran radio host and conservative icon Rush Limbaugh, but his entire first week of shows were reruns.

Questions as to why Bongino might not be in the studio center around the possibility that he is still at war with his radio syndicator, Cumulus, over the company’s COVID-19 shot mandate. 

According to PJ Media, the company won’t divulge what is happening with their disagreement with the radio host, but the host did tell his listeners that he is carefully considering his next move in the conflict. 

The conservative radio host said he wants to use his elevated position in the broadcasting world to right for what is right in the area of COVID-19 vaccination mandates and medical freedom, in hopes of making things better for both his coworkers at Columus and other Americans. 

The fight over mandates is not purely for the broadcaster, however. Bongino himself battles Hodgkin’s lymphoma and has already gotten a COVID-19 shot on the advice of his doctor. 

That has not stopped him from putting up a fierce fight, however, according to the publication RadioInk.com who reported that Bongino’s fight with Cumulus is getting downright “ugly.”

The radio host said that he objects to other employees who don’t want to get the shot being forced to do so and said he was spurred on by one of his coworkers who said that he requested a religious exemption and was not given one: 

“[T]hey denied his religious request,” Bongino said. “It was a slap in the face to not be legitimately considered. When Cumulus needed him during the pandemic he was there for them. Folks, you don’t treat people that way. I’m not going to let it happen. This fight has been wearing me down but it’s not wearing me out.”