Cuban Americans swarm White House, demand Biden help Cuban protesters

President Joe Biden might have had a little bit of trouble catching some shut-eye earlier this week.

That’s because, according to the New York Post, a large group of anti-Communist Cuban Americans gathered in front of the White House Sunday night into Monday morning, shouting loud chants of “Libertad! Libertad!” in an attempt to spur the president into helping Cubans who are currently taking part in anti-government protests on the island nation.

Unlike the rights afforded to Americans who choose to protest the U.S. government, the anti-government protesters in Cuba have to risk life and limb — quite literally — in order to get their message out.

Cuban officials have also taken measures to severely cripple the island’s already-shoddy internet infrastructure, making it difficult for protesters to organize gatherings. A shortage of food, medicine, and other necessities have also contributed to what’s being labeled as a “historic” level of protesting not seen on the island in a generation.

Biden has been criticized in recent weeks for his seeming inaction on helping Cubans who are obviously sick and tired of being under the rule of Communism. It’s especially frustrating for many Cuban Americans as the United States is supposed to be the first country to step in when people fight for democracy and freedom anywhere in the world.

In an earlier report from the Post, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) met with the House GOP’s 16-member Cuba advisory group last week along with several other high-profile House lawmakers, in an effort to formulate a plan to compel Biden to take real action on the situation.

The president has at least mentioned the possibility of exploring whether or not the United States can do anything about Cuba’s suppression of the country’s internet, but so far, critics say he’s simply not doing enough.

Only time will tell if the Biden administration will step in and help the freedom-seeking residents of Cuba, as this issue does not appear to be one that will fade away anytime soon.