Cruz slams Dems for ‘actively encouraging’ violence against SCOTUS justices

Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh literally escaped an assassination attempt by the grace of God last week — an attempt to seems to have been motivated by the disgusting, illegal rhetoric being spewed by the hour by radical leftists and their liberal media allies.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), one of the few senators in all of Congress unafraid to speak the truth when it needs to be spoken, just accused his political counterparts of “actively encouraging” situations like the one that unfolded in front of Justice Kavanaugh’s private residence last week, Mediaite reported.

“I think, unfortunately for the left, the law is viewed as optional,” said Cruz, when asked if he believes politicians are more focused on protecting themselves instead of their constituents.

He added: “If they disagree with the law, they refuse to enforce it. Whether it is the federal criminal law that protects these children or whether it is the federal criminal law that protects Supreme Court Justices.”

“We saw just yesterday a man arrested for the attempted murder of a Supreme Court Justice. That crime was actively encouraged by elected Democrats,” Cruz said, adding that Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) had recently incited his followers to take action against conservative justices after it was revealed that Roe v. Wade will likely be overturned.

Cruz added: “Chuck Schumer went to the steps of the Supreme Court and threatened the Justices. The White House actively encouraged protesters to go to the home of Supreme Court justices, despite the fact that it is there’s a federal criminal prohibition on doing so while a court case is pending – the only time that I’m aware of where the White House, literally from the White House press room, has encouraged the ongoing commission of a felony.”

The Texas Republican went on to slam Biden’s Justice Department for not enforcing federal laws that clearly state that it’s illegal for people to protest in front of the homes of judges, including SCOTUS justices, for the purpose of intimidation or influencing a potential decision.

It’s still unclear when the decision to overturn Roe will be announced, but many court watchers believe it will more than likely be sometime in June.