Crowd bursts into ‘F Joe Biden’ chant after NASCAR driver Brandon Brown wins race

It’s no secret that at this point, hundreds of thousands of Americans have made their disgusting with President Joe Biden loudly known by chanting “F*** Joe Biden” before, during, and after a number of major sporting events each weekend.

According to Fox News, the massive crowd at Alabama’s Talladega Superspeedway repeated what quickly became a tradition, but this time it was during a post-race interview with driver Brandon Brown after he secured his first major NASCAR Xfinity Series victory. 

It was right after Brown told reporters that winning the race was a “dream come true” that the crowd burst into the familiar “F*** Joe Biden!” chant.

NBC reporter Kelli Stavast quickly attempted to cover for the president, as is standard within the ranks of reporters at most major media outlets, telling the viewing audience that she believed the crowd was chanting “Let’s go, Brandon!”

The interview, which was initially uploaded by NASCAR to social media and the internet, was later deleted, as it was clear the crowd in no way, shape, or form was cheering on driver Brandon Brown.

Of course, the family-friendly “Let’s go Brandon” chant quickly caught fire, and eventually ended up on merchandise, and even used in Congress and a number of other high-profile events with Republicans and their supporters in attendance.

Others have found overnight, massive success by capitalizing on the euphemism, including a number of artists who turned the phrase into record-setting, iTunes chart-topping songs, as the New York Post reported.

As a matter of fact, no less than four versions of the song that incorporates the phrase have made it to the Top 10 charts, making the phrase even more popular and ensuring that it’ll stick around for the foreseeable future.