Covid Enforcers FLEE After Citizens Rise Up – Amazing Video

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  1. I agree with these people. We are being controlled by he Democrats. We are not going to be sheep. Stand up for your rights.

  2. State and localgovernment must take control of our border as we have no competent federal goernment

  3. Personally I don;t think they should have let the enforcers leave . I think the enforcers should have been beat to death right there and hung from a light pole with a sign that said covid in enforcement complete.

    How come the CDC will not explain why the death rate did not go up last year?
    how come the CDC will not explain why they told us 5 to 7 micron smoke particles go right through masks, but somehow .5 to 2 micron covid viruses do not?
    Why wont the CDC change the death count numbers after admitting that only 3 to 6% of the published covid deaths are actually covid deaths?

    Why is the CDC continuously lying to us?

    the answer is simple the CDC is getting a lot of money from the covid pandemic. they want it to go on forever.

    1. The Democraps won’t let them. They want people to be scared. All the Democrap leaders should be hanged in public view.

  4. Good for those people we are all getting fed up with this garbage and it seems that as places begin to open up more bad news is released by the “experts”

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