Controversial Baltimore prosecutor Marilyn Mosby indicted on federal charges

Marilyn Mosby (D), the progressive Baltimore State’s Attorney who gained notoriety in 2015 over her failed prosecution of six police officers in the death of Freddie Gray, has just been indicted on a series of federal perjury and false statements charges, as the Baltimore Sun reports.

The allegations related to multiple financial transactions in which Mosby is said to have falsely claimed to have suffered COVID-19 related hardship so that she could make early, penalty-free withdrawals from her retirement plans, made material misstatements on a mortgage loan application, and made false statements about the true purpose of Florida real estate she was attempting to purchase.

Responding publicly to the charges against his client, attorney A. Scott Bolden declared that Mosby has long been the target of prosecutors who have been out to get her over personal reasons, and that they both intend to mount a strong defense.

“We will fight these charges vigorously, and I remain confident that once all the evidence is presented, that she will prevail against these bogus charges – charges that are rooted in personal, political and racial animus five months from her election,” Bolden said regarding Mosby’s current situation.

Mosby, 41, is well-known not just for her controversial handling of the Freddie Gray case, as she also made headlines in recent months for announcing that she would make permanent a pandemic-related policy whereby her office halted prosecution of “low-level” offenses such as drug possession, prostitution, minor traffic offenses, and the like, as NBC News noted at the time.

Notably, Mosby has made no secret over the years of her ties to embattled Vice President Kamala Harris, someone who helped the prosecutor campaign back in 2017, when she said, “There are a lot of people who are highly critical of [Mosby] because she heard the voices of the people and said, ‘Even if I can’t win I’m going to do the right thing,’” referencing the decision to bring charges against law enforcement officers in the death of Gray, but securing convictions against none.

Mosby has a history of offering equally effusive praise for Harris, saying in 2020, “On a personal note, [Harris] has inspired Black women like me to run for office. There would be no Marilyn Mosby without Kamala Harris. When I won state’s attorney, Kamala was my inspiration.”

If prosecutors succeed in their case, and Mosby is convicted of the charges she now faces, she could be sentenced to five years in prison on each of the two perjury counts as well as 30 years for each of two counts related to making false statements, according to the Sun.

It is sadly no surprise that Mosby attempted to use the race card as a way to illegitimize the accusations leveled at her in this case, but considering that the charges were brought by the liberal lawyers of the Biden Justice Department, she will hopefully have a much harder time mounting that argument, and a just outcome will ultimately be achieved.