Conservatives to accuse Biden of attempting to interfere with midterms with warning of ‘second pandemic’ causing

President Joe Biden prompted questions about his motives after he warned of a “second pandemic” earlier in the week, according to Fox News.

When asked by a reporter about the amount of money the US government is still willing to do in order to produce and distribute more vaccines and maintain the infrastructure required to combat COVID-19 Biden insisted that it persists across the nation.

“I know you’re looking for more money from Congress for this vaccine campaign and for COVID funding going into the fall,” the reporter told Biden, going on to ask, “How much of the supply of vaccines for these small children is there and how many of the nation’s kids will you be able to get vaccinated before you need more money from Congress?”

Biden responded, “We’ll get through at least this year,” before stating, “We do need more money. But we don’t just need more money for vaccines for children eventually. We need more money to plan for the second pandemic.” Biden then doubled down on his troubling revelation, saying “There’s going to be another pandemic. We have to think ahead.”

For added effect the president slammed former President Donald Trump’s administration saying that he propped up his own, “And that’s not something the last outfit did very well. That’s something we’ve been doing fairly well – that’s why we need the money.”

The president’s warning caused Twitter users to question what the government might be preparing for with its warning of a “second pandemic.”

“Right in time for 2024,” tweeted Fox News contributor and New York Post writer Miranda Devine, insinuating another pandemic may interfere with the upcoming election, and conservative commentator Ian Miles Cheong expressed confusion about Biden’s statements, wondering, “Biden said he needed more money to deal with a second pandemic. What did he mean by this?”

Conservative radio host Tara Servatius tweeted, “Here’s the Biden Administration telling us they are planning to hold another pandemic, almost as if they can control the disease. 3 weeks ago, Fauci announced it would occur in the fall … which corresponds perfectly with the midterm election.”

“Sounds like a threat,” remarked The Federalist CEO Sean Davis while lawyer and podcast host Phil Holloway joked over Biden’s remarks, tweeting, “Any idea when? I would like to stock up on toilet paper a little better next time.”

The Western Journal commentary author Samantha Chang opined that Biden would use the “second pandemic” to interfere with the midterm elections: “Mumbles makes the case for more shady mail-in voting/ballot harvesting. The next variant will occur shortly before the November midterm elections.”