Conservative Pundit Steven Crowder hospitalized for surgery

Conservative pundit and podcast host Steven Crowder has been hospitalized due to complications with a procedure meant to fix a genetic defect that lead to his chest caving in, according to The Washington Examiner

The political commentator posted a photo of himself to Twitter on Tuesday saying that he was in the hospital and had taken a turn for the worse while in recovery.

“Last night took a turn for the worse,” Crowder tweeted. “Ever actually get so close that you can physically feel death? He’s a d***.”

“The good news is, it’s fixable and these things happen,” he continued. “I’ll be back before you know it. Thanks for the support.”

Crowder had previously announced in June that he was undergoing surgery to fix a “genetic defect,” that caused his chest to cave in toward his heart and lungs.

He later explained further that it was a “connective tissue disorder” that could negatively affect his heart if the bones in his chest didn’t hold up. He said he was having “pectus surgery” in early July to fix the issue.

The conservative host has posted periodical updates about his treatment and recovery from the condition believed to be known as pectus excavatum, including a video on July 23 of himself at a shooting range

Shortly after that video update, Crowder said he had experienced a lung collapse. Thursday Crowder posted a video to his YouTube channel Thursday titled “I’m Getting Heart Surgery…”

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jacqui (@guest_384522)
1 month ago

Here’s hoping this get well wish will lift your spirits. Thoughts and prayers for your recovery.

Pattie P Kelly (@guest_384457)
1 month ago

I wish him a speedy recovery. I was in the hospital this year from February until last week in April. I had a total hip replacement. After being in do long I forgot what the inside of my house looked like, I forgot what my dogs looked like. It was crazy. Then when I got home it all came back. We all inherent something from our parents. It’s a shame when it’s something so terrible. Again “fast recovery”.

Joseph Freije (@guest_384451)
1 month ago

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Lee (@guest_384386)
1 month ago

Praying for your full recovery! Take it easy & get well soon.

tem (@guest_384366)
1 month ago

i hope you recover soon. we need voices like yours in our society.

alicia cervera (@guest_384365)
1 month ago

my prayers Steven crowder for a PROMPT RECOVERY and a healthy LIFE! God Bless you.

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