Conservative former President Jeanine Áñez imprisoned byBolivian socialist regime

Apparently, American conservatives aren’t the only conservatives in the world angry about the treatment of a former president.

According to Breitbart, wide-ranging protests in at least seven cities in Bolivia experienced protests this week after former President Jeanine Áñez was tossed in jail for what leaders of the current political party claim are charges of “terrorism” and “sedition.” 

After socialist leader Evo Morales fled from the country in 2019, Áñez, who was a senator at the time of Morales’ hasty departure, was next in the line of succession to assume the presidency. According to Bolivia’s constitution, everything was reportedly done by the book.

Last October, the country held an election in which Luis Arce, the candidate for Morales’ Movement Towards Socialism (MAS) party, emerged victoriously. Áñez accepted the victory and vacated the office as required, which should have been the end of the story.

However, prosecutors for the MAS party apparently have a problem with her assumption of presidential duties, slamming her with charges that protesters around the country say are bogus. The narrative being pushed by the current socialist administration is that Áñez was part of a coup to remove Morales, even though Morales very clearly left on his own volition at the time.

For the past few days, thousands of protesters who back Áñez took the streets in virtually every major Bolivian city, holding up Bolivian flags and demanding that Áñez be released from prison.

Protesters also cried chants of “This isn’t Cuba,” which was a shot at the current socialist regime and the former Morales regime, which reportedly was allied with several communist countries like Venezuela and Cuba.

Only time will tell if pressure from Bolivian citizens is enough to spring Áñez from behind bars, but it’s not looking good, as the judge in charge of the case has ordered that she serve at least four months of “preventative detention,” calling her a “flight risk.”

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  1. Amen to all posts! We are under a “ lunatic regime” now, with grandpa gropes, Piglosi and the ho running the asylum! You can’t make this stuff up! Impeach, impeach, impeach!

    1. Dan, That’s why we need to push back much harder than they expect and in ways they don’t expect. I have said this before, (Lock and Load.)

  2. The next time I hear one of our “politicians” call a South or Central American country a banana republic, I’m gonna puke! Just look around, we are all living in one right now!

  3. This is why we need to hold on to our guns & our God given 2nd Amendment rights. Armed individuals are citizens, unarmed individuals are serfs.

    GO TRUMP 2024-2028-2032———

    1. Scary. So easy to change a document with a computer. The tax copy Trump has will do no good in court when the one the IRS has is modified and presented in court.

  4. BLM and ANTIFA gangs congregate Parade/protests/riot and even do it heavely armed but, the decent/proper/normal/RIGHT people stay home and cry while the corrupted gain ground and they make billions of dollars looting/destroying which we the taxpayers, pay for with big interest. It’s time for us to change are program before we have nothing.

  5. This type of behavior from a government is coming to a country (aka USA) near you. Remember this. Ban guns, ban free speech, ban religion – Democrats are on their way

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