Conservative commentator says Americans are being ‘scammed’ by CDC – 37 million cases ‘disappear’

Conservative Evangelical Theologian and New Saint Andrews College faculty member Douglas James Wilson called out the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for their reporting on the COVID-19 statistics in a recent blogpost

Wilson began his monologue asserting that he believes the members of the CDC are so disingenuous that if they died and went to a “bad place” they would be kicked out for lying.

He went on to highlight the CDC:s withdraws of request for emergency authorization for a COVID test due to it’s inefficiency of discerning the difference between the flu and COVID-19.

“Thus far the rumor. Now keep in mind the fact that we are living through an era where gunshot wounds and motorcycle crashes were getting attributed to COVID, and so naturally some folks out there were starting to get suspicious,” Wilson said.

He also cited differences between the 2019-2020 flu season and the 2020-2021 flu season, saying that the statistics plummeted from 38 million flu cases in 2019/2020 to just 1,822 people being diagnosed with news headlines saying that “flu cases plummet during pandemic.”

Wilson’s point is that for whatever the reason, the CDC and whoever is encouraging/supporting their efforts seem to be bent on making Americans feel COVID is a bigger threat than what he believes the facts support.

The commentator also brought to light the military statistics for COVID-19, which stated that fewer than 30 service members have died from the virus out of an active duty and reserve force totaling more than 2 million.

“What are we running from exactly? First it was deaths. Then it was hospitalizations in over-crowded hospitals, which would lead to deaths, which is why we all pitched in to flatten the curve. Then it was just hospitalizations. Then it was simply the cases. Then it was asymptomatic cases. Then it was cases as determined by PCR tests which, if you set the gain in a way that guaranteed the answers you needed politically, could find COVID viruses on the moon. You are being scammed,” Wilson said.

To drive his point home the pastor and political commentator also showed an image that cited the CDC’s survival rates for COVID-1 which was 99.997 % for people 1-19 years of age. 99.98 % for people 20-49 years of age and 99.5 % for people 50-69 years of age. The most at risk group, those 70+ still have a survival rate of 94.6 percent.