Congressional memo confirms tens of thousands of Afghan refugees were not vetted

It was bad enough that President Joe Biden and his top military leadership left actual Americans and Afghan allies stranded in Afghanistan after the failed U.S. troop withdrawal. Many feared that the tens of thousands of random Afghans who were airlifted to the U.S. would not be properly vetted.

According to the Washington Examiner, while those claims were initially denied and laughed off by the Biden administration, a bombshell memo seems to have confirmed our worst nightmare in that tens of thousands of airlifted Afghans who were flown to the United States were not, in fact, properly vetted — or vetted at all. 

The news came as a result of a stunning congressional memo in which Republicans spoke with dozens of high-level U.S. officials about the large-scale evacuation efforts, which many of the officials, including those from the departments of Homeland Security, Defense, State, and Justice, described the nearly non-existent vetting process as disastrous.

While the Biden administration promised America that each and every Afghan evacuee would be properly vetted, what actually occurred falls under the definition of “screening,” — as in they checked criminal and terrorist databases for existing records, but only took the evacuees’ word for everything else.

The obvious problem is that, of course, someone attempting to escape a country controlled by terrorists on the last flights out would have presumably said anything that U.S officials wanted to hear, and apparently, that’s exactly what took place.

“Screening is the initial stage in reviewing a refugee or immigrant’s background. The three people interviewed said Afghan records were not comprehensive and made U.S. screening efforts difficult. The next step is vetting, a critical part of the process that was overlooked over and over again, sources said,” the Examiner noted.

The Examiner added: “Vetting refugees and immigrants became an admission requirement after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, but it was dropped in the case of the Afghan refugees, the memo and three officials stated.”

In other words, there’s literally no telling how many thousands — if not more — of completely unvetted, potentially dangerous Afghan refugees, many of whom could have ties to major terrorist outfits like Al Qaeda and the Taliban, have successfully been flown straight into our country by the Biden administration.

It’s inevitable that at some point America will experience another terrorist attack, and Joe Biden and his lackluster military leadership better pray it’s not originated by one of these thousands of people.