Company warns of shortages and price spikes if Whitmer shuts down major pipeline

At least a third of the country recently experienced what it’s like when a major oil and gas pipeline is shut down — an event that triggered a scary situation where gas was scarce, which quickly led to hoarding and skyrocketing prices.

That’s why it’s absolutely perplexing that Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D) is actively attempting to shut down a major pipeline that carries roughly 540,000 barrels of natural gas and oil products into Canada for refinement into propane. Whitmer ordered the revocation of the easement of the Line 5 pipeline last year, which is partly underwater, citing mostly environmental concerns, according to the Washington Times

It’s only because Enbridge, the Canadian-baed owner of the critical pipeline, challenged Whitmer’s order and said it should be decided in federal court that the pipeline is still operating. Top officials from the company warned of a similar situation to the Colonial pipeline shutdown, should Whitmer be successful in shutting it down.

“The cyberattack that triggered an unplanned, temporary closure brings to the forefront what consumers could face if Gov. Whitmer is successful in her efforts to revoke the 1953 easement between Enbridge and the State that enables Line 5 to operate in the Straits of Mackinac,” said Mike Moeller, an Enbridge director of operations for the region.

“Without Line 5, consumers will shoulder the burden of supply disruptions and related price increases, particularly for propane and transportation fuel,” Moeller added.

The dispute began in November, with Whitmer and Michigan’s head of its Department of Natural Resources arguing that future spills or damage to the pipeline could cause catastrophic environmental damage

“We cannot risk the devastating economic, environmental, and public health impacts of a catastrophic oil spill in the Great Lakes,” a spokesperson for the governor said at the time, adding that they believe the pipeline is a “ticking time bomb,” yet citing no evidence that there’s any imminent danger other than a hypothetical possibility.

Enbridge officials made clear that they will not shut the pipeline down unless the order comes down from a federal court or a Canadian regulatory agency, which the company claims are not likely outcomes.

The issue will reportedly undergo a meditation session in federal court this week as Michigan Attorney General Dana Nesse attempts to move the case to a state court.

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  8. Have them install more shut off valves or other measures for safety, but don’t shut it down, that is stupid as a box of rocks.

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  10. This makes me think that it wasn’t the Russians that hacked the Colonial pipeline it was the Demonrats the whole time! The Demonrats are doing everything they can do sabotage are oil and gas infrastructure!

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  22. An the democrats think she might be a good fit for President in 2024 She has almost destroyed Michigan

    1. I was born and and raised in Michigan..I feel awful for my family and all Michiganders there to live with Whitmer as govenor

    2. Gretchen Whitmer and Kamala Harris would make a fantastic 1-2 pairing (either order), to further the remaining progress of the current Biden disaster.

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    1. I would care less if I picked up the morning paper and read that some drunk/drugged driver ran over Gov. Whitmer. Or she caught a terminal case of coronavirus or the clap….

    1. I bet that the Democrats had something to do with the east coast gas hack. I would never trust a word out of any demoncraps mouth!!! Everyone of them is rotten to the core. They will rot in hell..

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      1. ABSOLUTELY!!!
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      2. yes, they certainly are responsible. It was stated by an expert that the pipeline can manuallybover-ride the computer driven shut down but they are not doing it.

        1. Hope the dumb heffer has plenty of money. Canada has a ten year notification clause in their contract. We can’t shut down the flow of oil for ten years after we notified them. Look at the money Canada can collect from MI and the Biden administration. They would be responsible for the lost revenue from all the business that the pipeline services. Don’t worry joe will just print it

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