Comedian Bill Maher takes aim at liberal COVID-19 hysterics in new HBO special

Though aligned with the political left for years, comedian Bill Maher has proven himself to be skeptical of many of the causes and positions for which Democrats currently advocate, a point which was evident in his most recent HBO special, as the Daily Caller reports.

David Hookstead, sports and entertainment editor for the outlet, provided an account of his experience watching Bill Maher: #Adulting, the outspoken panel show host’s latest longer-form offering.

Notably, Maher took direct aim at leftists who have acquired an obsession with forcible masking of others during the pandemic – despite their fully vaccinated status – and held nothing back.

“Do you keep the condom on after you f***?” Maher asked, underscoring the tortured reasoning of those who purportedly believe vaccines protect against COVID-19 yet insist faces be covered in seeming perpetuity.

Hookstead, for his part, praised Maher’s clarity on this and other topics, opining, “Once again, Maher is the voice of reason in the room. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, when the world went crazy on the left, Maher shined through as someone with common sense.”

The HBO special is just the latest example of Maher’s willingness to go against the left’s pandemic orthodoxy, as his recent appearance on The Joe Rogan Experience proves.

Touching on the hot button issue of COVID-19 vaccines, Maher told Rogan, according to the New York Post, “I don’t trust them to tell me what they put in there. Most people are giving us too much credit for where we are medically. My point of view is that we are still at the infancy of understanding how the human body works. So don’t tell me things like, ‘Just do what we say, don’t question it. When have we ever been wrong? A lot.’”

Blasting the blind faith in which he believes far too many individuals have placed in the so-called healthcare experts who have led the federal coronavirus response, Maher rhetorically joked, “’We are perfectly certain that this vaccine is safe!’ You don’t f****** know that!”

While there are surely many issues on which Maher remains a reliably left-leaning voice, he has shown himself to be impressively clear-eyed about the mismanagement and hypocrisy that have prevailed among Democrats throughout the pandemic, and for that, he should be commended.