Comedian Bill Burr calls out the lunacy of the left: ‘What Do You Mean Men Can Get Pregnant?’

Actor-comedian Bill Burr targeted the left’s transgender theory obsession that has led to increasingly insane responses from the politically correct.

According to a report by Breitbart News the comedian specifically talked about the left’s push for redefining who can get pregnant and carry a baby.

While he might have blasted the contortion of the left, he also called out pro-life Republicans, calling them “f***ing idiots.”

While the comedian poked fun at the idea of men having babies, he also called out the ideology that has made those theories mainstream:

“What do you mean men can get pregnant? What the fuck are they talking about?” Burr asked while conducting an online search of the subject during his podcast. “As a lefty, I don’t understand.”

He continued: “Well, you know what? It’s the extreme left. You know what I mean… A man cannot get pregnant. We’re not born with a womb over there. Unless, I will tell you this, in the future, that’s gonna happen.”

Listen below (Warning: Graphic language):

Burr also attacked pro-lifers in a his rant Earlier in the episode:

“These f***ing idiots on the right, Jesus Christ!” he said. “Who gives a s*** if you think it’s the taking of a life?”

His diatribe continued: “How much harder does the world have to get? There’s seven billion of us! By all means, don’t bring anymore here. I understand. If you think it’s killing a baby, you know what I mean? I get it. How do you know that baby’s gonna be a good person? You ever think of that over there on the right?”

Listen below (Warning: Graphic language):