Coach fired for objecting to critical race theory curriculum sues school district

The infiltration of critical race theory into public school curricula across the country is happening at an alarming pace, and while those who oppose this type of indoctrination often face appalling acts of retribution, at least one such individual is fighting back in the courts.

Former Dedham, Massachusetts high school football coach David Flynn was fired from his position earlier this year for objecting to the history curriculum being taught to his daughters within the same school district, but with the help of conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch, he has filed a federal lawsuit against those responsible.

As the Federalist reported in early March, Flynn, who served as the leader of Dedham High School’s football team for close to a decade, was removed from his position at the start of the year after having voiced concerns over the inclusion of critical race theory components in his middle school daughter’s history and geography curriculum.

Flynn expressed disagreement with certain aspects of the lessons, which covered matters such as race, stereotypes, gender equality, and diversity, and which also featured the Black Lives Matter logo in class materials. He and his wife initially complained to their daughter’s teacher and principal that the curriculum for the course had been changed without parental notification or an opportunity for advance parental review, according to the complaint filed in Massachusetts federal court.

Eventually, the Flynns raised their concerns with Dedham Superintendent Michael Welch as well as three members of the Dedham School Committee, but to no avail. Ultimately, the couple made the decision to take their children out of the district, Judicial Watch noted in a statement.

In January of this year, Flynn was asked to attend a meeting with Welch, the high school’s principal, and its athletic director, and that is when he was told that district officials “were going in a different direction” with the football program, and soon after, a public statement was issued explaining that Flynn had been removed from his coaching position because he “expressed significant philosophical differences with the direction, goals, and values of the school district.”

Regarding the treatment received by the coach, president of Judicial Watch, Tom Fitton, lamented that “cancel culture has come to high school football,” adding:

Coach Flynn was fired for exercising his constitutional rights to object as a citizen and father to an extremist and racially inflammatory school curriculum in his child’s history class.

Boston ABC affiliate WCVB reported that Flynn received an outpouring of support from members of the community following the announcement of his dismissal in January, with students, athletes, and parents rallying outside the school to show their support, with one former player saying:

Everyone loves coach, he gets kids to play football. Coach Flynn is an awesome guy and we’re all devastated that they fired him. Coach Flynn and Dedham football, its like broccoli and cheese sauce, can’t have one without the other.

Parents with children in public schools these days know all too well the intimidation tactics and social pressure used to compel silent acceptance of critical race theory in the classroom, but the tide will only begin to turn if more concerned citizens like Coach Flynn have the courage to stand up and vocally reject this incendiary brand of teaching.