CNN’s prime-time ratings dropped 73% in Q4

In the fourth quarter of 2021, CNN’s prime-time ratings dropped roughly 73 percent from the same period in 2020, new figures show.

According to TVNewser, which cited Nielsen data, CNN averaged just 642,000 prime-time viewers in last year’s final quarter. Total day numbers were also down, the outlet reported.

“The network averaged 492,000 total viewers across the 24-hour day time period (total day) in Q4 ’21, which places it at No. 6 on basic cable,” TV Newser said. “The 492,000 is -18% from what the network averaged in Q3 ’21 and -67% from the Q4 of ’20.

“CNN also averaged 642,000 total viewers in primetime, placing it at No. 16. The 642,000 average is -22% from Q3 ’21, and -73% from Q4 of ’20, which had been a phenomenal quarter for the network featuring a presidential election campaign,” the outlet added.

MSNBC and Fox News also saw year-over-year ratings declines, though not to the same extent as CNN.

Fox News averaged 1.44 million total day viewers last quarter, which was down 21 percent from the fourth quarter of 2020 but up 6 percent from the third quarter of 2021.

TVNewser added: “Fox News also averaged 2.37 million total viewers in primetime, No. 2 on basic cable (behind ESPN, which averaged 2.63 million). Fox’s 2.37 million average is less than -1% from Q3 ’21 and -37% from Q4 of ’20, which was a highly-rated quarter featuring a presidential election.”

As for MSNBC, the liberal cable news channel averaged 672,000 total day viewers last quarter, down a whopping 53 percent from the same period in 2020. The network averaged 1.16 million daily prime-time viewers last quarter, which also represented a 53 percent decline from last year.

In terms of total day viewership, Fox News was the top-ranked basic cable channel, while MSNBC was fourth and CNN was sixth.

According to one commentator, there’s a reason CNN’s viewership numbers are lagging.

“The Most Trusted Name in News™,” Mike Miller wrote for RedState, is “obviously valuing its position as the primary sock-puppet media of the left more than it values viewership and revenue, choosing instead to make a further mockery out of its silly motto. Think about it.

“Oblivious to reality, CNN anchors, contributors, and most guests trot out on a daily basis with the predictability of Michael Moore inhaling a bag of Quarter Pounders with Cheese — with the singular goal of railing against Fox News, trashing Donald Trump, ‘white supremacy,’ ‘systemic racism’, and other Democrat Party talking points,” he added.

“Seems to me that at some point, Einstein’s definition of insanity — doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results — might cross CNN honcho Jeff Zucker’s mind.”