CNN’s Don Lemon kamikazes journalism career by covering for Biden’s blatant lies

CNN’s Don Lemon has found himself accused of being “incredibly dishonest and openly partisan” on Monday after his assertion that President Joe Biden “misspoke” about Georgia’s new voting law, according to Fox News

The controversy was sparked over Biden’s claim that Georgia’s Republican endorsed voting law “ends voting hours early,” a statement that earned him a whopping Four Pinocchios from The Washington Post

The Post called out the president, as did many other news outlets, calling his misinformation what it was, an inaccurate and unjust portrayal of the Georgia law. 

However, Lemon had Biden’s back, turning the attention for the president’s gaffe and the journalists’ ire once again on former President Donald Trump:

“Get this, Republicans have a new talking point, trying to turn Trump’s big lie onto Joe Biden, saying Joe Biden is lying about what’s in Georgia’s new voting law that restricts ballot access,” Lemon said as the CNN on-screen graphic said “New GOP talking point: Trying to turn Trump’s ‘Big Lie’ on to Biden for misspeaking about Georgia’s voting law.”

Washington Post fact-checker Glenn Kessler admitted that Biden’s claim couldn’t be in any way substantiated before awarding him the harshest Four Pinocchios award for the comment. 

The Dispatch also put a fact-checker on the case who said that Biden’s decision to compare the law to “Jim Crow” policies was “incredibly disingenuous.” Even CNN’s fact-checker Daniel Dale admitted Biden was incorrect about the Georgia law.

Conservatives were even less impressed with the president’s comments, with NewsBusters managing editor Curtis Houck calling out Lemon: 

“WTF is this? Biden was just ‘misspeaking’ and not lying? This Don Lemon chyron is so incredibly dishonest and openly partisan, showing no regard for the facts about Georgia’s voting law.”