CNN’s Don Lemon kamikazes journalism career by covering for Biden’s blatant lies

CNN’s Don Lemon has found himself accused of being “incredibly dishonest and openly partisan” on Monday after his assertion that President Joe Biden “misspoke” about Georgia’s new voting law, according to Fox News

The controversy was sparked over Biden’s claim that Georgia’s Republican endorsed voting law “ends voting hours early,” a statement that earned him a whopping Four Pinocchios from The Washington Post

The Post called out the president, as did many other news outlets, calling his misinformation what it was, an inaccurate and unjust portrayal of the Georgia law. 

However, Lemon had Biden’s back, turning the attention for the president’s gaffe and the journalists’ ire once again on former President Donald Trump:

“Get this, Republicans have a new talking point, trying to turn Trump’s big lie onto Joe Biden, saying Joe Biden is lying about what’s in Georgia’s new voting law that restricts ballot access,” Lemon said as the CNN on-screen graphic said “New GOP talking point: Trying to turn Trump’s ‘Big Lie’ on to Biden for misspeaking about Georgia’s voting law.”

Washington Post fact-checker Glenn Kessler admitted that Biden’s claim couldn’t be in any way substantiated before awarding him the harshest Four Pinocchios award for the comment. 

The Dispatch also put a fact-checker on the case who said that Biden’s decision to compare the law to “Jim Crow” policies was “incredibly disingenuous.” Even CNN’s fact-checker Daniel Dale admitted Biden was incorrect about the Georgia law.

Conservatives were even less impressed with the president’s comments, with NewsBusters managing editor Curtis Houck calling out Lemon: 

“WTF is this? Biden was just ‘misspeaking’ and not lying? This Don Lemon chyron is so incredibly dishonest and openly partisan, showing no regard for the facts about Georgia’s voting law.”

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    1. Biden can no longer think for himself . If he doesn’t follow the Dem. Partyy Lie They Will choose to Article 25 him in a heart beat. Kamala will remain VP and Nancy becomes President. hatr a mess we will have on our Hands. Kamala is not ELIGIBLE to become President.

  1. Donny boy should be removed for lying about the law that anyone can read and understand that there are many ways the law allows citizens to vote. Living CITIZENS. All Legal citizens should be able to vote-one time . All conservatives want are FAIR elections . 2020 was not one of them.

    1. Amen. I don’t mind losing so much, if it’s a fair fight…Biden won through voter fraud.
      He will never be my president; anyone who will cheat to win an election, has no honor.

  2. So, how many lies was that for Biden? 1000, 2000, frankly, I’ve lost count…I hope someone is keeping score.

  3. Well, he’s been lying for years but the MSM let’s him get away with it. It’s all about narrative and if it fits the narrative it’s ok. If not, they respond and hope their sheeple will follow along. Which they do!

  4. if you remember the debates between biden and Trump, Bidens favorite saying was ” nothing but lies coming from my opponent ” come to find out, sleepy joe has been caught several times lately, last known about the Georgia voting laws… the stupid president doesn’t even know how to read whats in the bill before he goes running his foul mouth… what a moron, the law allows more days to early vote where as Biden’s home state does not, why’s this Joe?? must not believe in it or you’d damn sure have it in your own state… this man has no clue what’s going on in the world today and is making a joke out of our country, he needs to be stripped of his duties from mentality speaking, the man is beyond help, to stupid to admit he’s not qualified for the job, too stupid to realize he’s doing nothing good for our country or his dignity for sure… Come on sleepy joe, go on and give it up before a donkey even acts smarter than you do, your pathetic as a leader, let alone a man….

    1. I agree with every adjective, and the entire content of your remarks. Thanks for telling a sad, but absolute truth.

    2. I don’t know how Biden finds his way into his bedroom each night. I suppose Jill has to remind him where it is. He is definitely NOT fit to be president.

  5. The problem is that Joe is not running the show. He only does or says what he’s handlers tell him to do.

  6. As my dear old father-in-law would say. ‘THE TRUTH AIN’T IN HIM.” Joe Biden has lied about so many things, you have to work to find a true statement. Even worse, he tries to take credit for other people’s accomplishments, and blame his mistakes on other politicians. Wonder why the Chinese gave this family millions of dollars ? That’s a no brainer, they expect payback.

  7. Look the Democrats lied and cheated from day one of President Trump’s election and those lies are taken as facts by many, Pelosi said all she has to do is make up a story and leak it to the press and they share it as true and then all I do is say” see there the media even says its true”. They are making fools of their own supporters and attacking any that go against their narrative.

  8. Well so far 60 Minutes got caught in another lie, Lemon caught in millions of lies, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC etc. all caught in lies & more lies & most of the talk show hosts will lie at the drop of a hat, or try to make Biden & the Dems. look good & now it has gotten so out of hand by the Biden Administration your all looking like FOOLS. I can’t believe people are still watching them.

  9. Don Lemon is an anti-White bigot, and if racism in this country is on the rise, it’s because of the “ethnic Left” in particular and the Black Left especially, and Don Lemon is proof of my point. The Left is trying to supress the Right as much as possible.

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