CNN+ shuts down after about a month in what some are calling a massive media failure

Cable News’ newest streaming offshoot, CNN+ lasted about a month before news broke earlier in the week that parent company CNN and Warner Media would be shutting the streaming service down.

According to Fox News, the streaming service had a lifespan comparable to the infamously-short White House career of former Trump adviser Anthony Scaramucci, with contributor Joe Concha saying CNN+ lasted “3 Scaramuccis.”

The streaming service will end on April 31 following just over a month of streaming, which is considered to be a big failure for the network that has been slipping in the ratings year over year.

Fox News media expert Joe Concha pointed to the whopping $300 million price tag attached to startup and the floundering subscriber base:

“Somehow this is simultaneously shocking yet not surprising, right? Because it’s been rumored for weeks and CNN+ was doing horribly,” he said. “And for this ship to sink that fast shows you how horrible and mismanaged this idea was from the very beginning.”

The Fox contributor went on to say that the platform was likely built on the “hubris” of people like former CNN chief Jeffrey Zucker, who seemed to presume that theoretical subscribers would pay for additional content from a network the fewer and fewer people are viewing for free.

“I would imagine that is especially painful for those who may have left a great on-air job for this streaming endeavor – and then the endeavor is over in the span of almost three Scaramuccis,” he said.

“I mean, that’s got to be tough.”

Critics say that History Channel WWII documentaries frequently beat CNN’s Ukraine coverage in a head to head ratings match, Fox News reported, citing a commentator who called CNN+ the “biggest failure any media company has ever experienced.”