CNN is fixated on Fox – and they won’t quit

CNN has dedicated a considerable portion of their prime-time programming to attacking cable news leader Fox News – and they arent quitting anytime soon, according to an opinion piece in The Washington Examiner

T. Becket Adams, a senior commentary writer for the Washington Examiner, asserted that CNN was using an extraordinary amount of their time on an issue that has no real importance:

“But CNN just can’t quit Fox News. It especially can’t stop obsessing over establishment-bro-turned-MAGA-guy Tucker Carlson,” Adams said. “CNN is positively infatuated with the man.”

According to Adams report, their “obsession hit weird, new lows” when CNN analyst Jonathan Reiner demanded on-air that Carlson, who has been openly skeptical of the COVID-19 vaccine, reveal to the public whether he has been vaccinated.

Reiner’s absurd request came after a clip was played of Carlson encouraging people to “resist” mandatory vaccinations, saying that Americans should be wary of discrimination against the vaccine-hesitant.

“No one should be forced to take this or any other medicine against their will,” Carlson said, “and unless they speak up now, unless they resist this, they’ll be getting this shot whether they like it or not, and many more shots.”

This raised the hackles of the CNN hosts, one of which was the former Chief White House Correspondent Jim Acosta who said, “Tucker Carlson received blowback, and rightly so, over this anti-vaccine rhetoric he’s been engaging in.

“I honestly don’t know what the hell he’s talking about, but is this part of the problem, in terms of getting people vaccinated?”

“Yeah, so I think he’s really a saboteur,” Reiner responded. “That’s what I think of Tucker Carlson. I have two questions for Tucker Carlson. No. 1, have you been vaccinated? No. 2, why won’t you tell your audience whether you have been vaccinated? I am tired of his nonsense.”