CNN: Biden at his lowest polling numbers yet on the eve of his one year anniversary in office

President Joe Biden is staring down the barrel of the lowest polling data from his time in office as he heads into his second year as president. 

According to CNN, on the eve of his one-year anniversary, Biden is seeing the worst poll numbers to date, something that is striking fear in the hearts of democratic hopefuls who were hoping to join a majority ruling party. 

“That’s according to new poll numbers from Gallup that peg Biden’s approval at just 40% with 56% disapproving. It’s the lowest measure so far by Gallup and well below his 48.9% polling average over the past year in the organization’s surveys,” CNN reported. 

“At this one-year mark, that average is about where Bill Clinton was and ten points better than Donald Trump, but that’s a very small on-the-bright-side note.” 

Biden has consistently trended downward since taking office, particularly since his withdrawal of troops in Afghanistan in what turned out to be a deadly mistake in presidential orders that cost an as yet unknown number of American lives. 

“It doesn’t take a political genius to understand what’s going on here,” CNN said in their report about the poll numbers 

” The combination of the ongoing Covid-19 surges (Delta and then Omicron) has raised questions about the early belief that Biden and his team were bringing the pandemic under control.

“The late summer pullout of American troops from Afghanistan played out in disastrous fashion, raising questions about the President’s command of US foreign policy. Supply chain issues and rising inflation have put a crimp in the average American’s daily life.”

Historically this spells bad news for any party at this devastating loss one year into a presidential term, particularly considering the downward trend even the best president’s parties see in midterm elections.