Cleveland judge blames sleep apnea, menopause for numerous courtroom misconduct claims

Cleveland Municipal Judge Pinkey Carr will soon find out the fate of her career after facing a decision from the Ohio Supreme Court concerning whether or not she’ll be suspended for a number of previous misconduct incidents, according to Fox8.

While such a situation normally wouldn’t make the national news circuit, Carr’s case is somewhat different in that she offered a list of bizarre excuses for numerous documented misconduct incidents in her courtroom.

“She is accused of several judicial misconduct accusations, including holding hearings without a prosecutor present and issuing warrants for defendant who didn’t appear for court during the first few days of the COVID-19 pandemic,” Fox8 noted, adding that she “is accused of ignoring a directive by the municipal court’ presiding judge to stop holding hearings because of the pandemic.”

Though Carr denied issuing warrants during that time, the local news affiliate found that she did, in fact, issue some 30 warrants when instructed explicitly not to do so.

Apparently, Carr is blaming her numerous past issues on a series of medical conditions, with her attorney Nicholas Froning saying, “As the expert testified, Judge Carr suffered from mistreated or untreated sleep apnea, menopause, and a generalized mood disorder.”

Justice Patrick Fischer from the Ohio Supreme Court clearly wasn’t buying it, firing back at Froning by saying, “How does sleep apnea or menopause contribute to lying?”

Now, it’s up to the Ohio Supreme Court to determine if Carr will be suspended, and if so, for how long. Froning agreed to a two-year suspension but pleaded to stay 18 months of it, which would mean Carr would only be out of work for six months.

What’s clear is that Judge Carr seems extremely unstable, and it’s a wonder she’s even allowed to remain a judge after what she’s been accused of doing in her capacity.