Clarence Thomas rejects challenge of CDC mask mandates

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas rejected a requisition for an injunction that would have challenged one of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s mask mandate, according to The Washington Examiner

Thomas’s move was unilateral and made his decision Tuesday evening without referring the case to the rest of the court, denying the appeal that would have challenged the requirement for masks on public transportation. 

In this case, a well-known Washington D.C. journalist, Lucas Wall, requested that the court halt the mandate, naming President Joe Biden and a number of federal agencies in his suit. 

According to The Washington Times, Wall suffers from Generalized Anxiety Order, which causes him to have a panic attack if his breathing is restricted, as he feels it is when wearing a mask. 

The plaintiff admitted that his claim was a “long shot,” noting that his case is even still waiting to be heard in district court in Florida where he was kicked out of the Orlando International Airport in early June for not wearing a mask according to the Examiner. 

“Of course it’s still disappointing Justice Thomas did not take a more in-depth look at the illegal and unconstitutional mask requirement,” Wall said according to the Times.

Wall isn’t deterred, however. The plaintiff said that he believes his case against the agency will eventually prevail, according to the Examiner:

“For now, the federal government has prevailed in muzzling all travelers and banning tens of millions of Americans including myself who can’t tolerate having their face covered from using any form of public transportation.”

While the controversial case isn’t being heard by the nation’s high court this time around, the issue of mandatory masks is not likely about to fade into oblivion, given the intense interest by conservatives in its impact on personal freedom.

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S. Mashburn (@guest_382740)
7 days ago

I’m confused, the says the delta variance is SAR-CoV-2, not Covid-19. Which tells me that’s the variant looks more to be of the SAR flu which is typically a fast spreading virus. I had been told each SAR variant is unique. that’s why they when creating the flu vaccine, they have to project what variances should be included. So as Covid-19 is a unique vaccine to attack that variant, that’s probably why it is not preventing those that had gotten the Covid-19 shots, are having ‘breakthroughs’ with the little version of the flu.

The mask mandate is clearly to control. They need to ‘follow the science’. Last year research found that children under 18, were only 99.7% likely to contract the virus, and a higher % for spreading the various. So why are they making little kids (2 years and older) wear mask while in school. Apprently they don’t follow their own science.

Alice Stacionis (@guest_382015)
12 days ago

I have already seen in several places he has been arrested already.

CODY L.R. ANDREWS (@guest_382014)
12 days ago


Terryr (@guest_382009)
12 days ago

This country has had pandemics throughout it’s history and people died. Why is this worst than a flue out brake? The effort placed on this particular pandemic is because it was not a natural virus it was a man made virus from China, the country that owns our president and his followers. Now the politicians are picking their favorite talking head politicians to shut down this country because people need to be controlled and the new Marxist, democrat party has finally has a chance of total control of the people and the government. To the democrat party this is the holy grail of politics. Shut down the entire country and control all activity, This pandemic will not end until the socialist, Marxist, democratic party has gained total control of all aspects of this country.

Jeannette Newhook (@guest_382012)
Reply to  Terryr
12 days ago

100% true, they hate USA 😰😱

AmyMendoza (@guest_381981)
13 days ago

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Last edited 13 days ago by AmyMendoza
Proud vet (@guest_381973)
13 days ago

It’s my belief that you have a mask was so important in life God would’ve built one into us! No this is another control freak thing, these people don’t care about you and me the only thing they care about is control and how they can make you jump through a hoop. If they really cared about this country as people they wouldn’t be letting does read disease ridden people come through our borders who are looting and stealing and burning and raping and robbing and bringing diseases in this country and not a peep 2 million next month will come into this That is by far much much much much worse than their so-called numbers they created of people dying from this fake disease that they’ve created. The communist left control with fear so they’ve got too hot irons going through the Communist news network alias CNN daily 24 seven what time a change which has been going on since God created the earth and the Covid BS both control freak things that the elites are trying to wrangle we and the people into a corner with! May God bless America And may HE smite the demonically evil in the face of the world Oh that all may see evil struck down!

Yvonne Shelton (@guest_381897)
13 days ago

I cannot wear a mask all the time. A mask makes makes it difficult to breath so I get my shots, avoid crowds and go on with life. If a person has been inoculated they should not have to wear a mask.

Joe (@guest_381891)
13 days ago

Mask on to fly, off to eat.

Joanne White (@guest_381875)
14 days ago

Good for judge Thomas. Government is too intrusive in our lives.

EvaAdams (@guest_381851)
14 days ago

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Al Tallant (@guest_382028)
Reply to  EvaAdams
12 days ago


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