Clarence Thomas rejects challenge of CDC mask mandates

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas rejected a requisition for an injunction that would have challenged one of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s mask mandate, according to The Washington Examiner

Thomas’s move was unilateral and made his decision Tuesday evening without referring the case to the rest of the court, denying the appeal that would have challenged the requirement for masks on public transportation. 

In this case, a well-known Washington D.C. journalist, Lucas Wall, requested that the court halt the mandate, naming President Joe Biden and a number of federal agencies in his suit. 

According to The Washington Times, Wall suffers from Generalized Anxiety Order, which causes him to have a panic attack if his breathing is restricted, as he feels it is when wearing a mask. 

The plaintiff admitted that his claim was a “long shot,” noting that his case is even still waiting to be heard in district court in Florida where he was kicked out of the Orlando International Airport in early June for not wearing a mask according to the Examiner. 

“Of course it’s still disappointing Justice Thomas did not take a more in-depth look at the illegal and unconstitutional mask requirement,” Wall said according to the Times.

Wall isn’t deterred, however. The plaintiff said that he believes his case against the agency will eventually prevail, according to the Examiner:

“For now, the federal government has prevailed in muzzling all travelers and banning tens of millions of Americans including myself who can’t tolerate having their face covered from using any form of public transportation.”

While the controversial case isn’t being heard by the nation’s high court this time around, the issue of mandatory masks is not likely about to fade into oblivion, given the intense interest by conservatives in its impact on personal freedom.