Chris Wallace gives up defending Biden on border crisis

When Chris Wallace won’t make excuses for Biden anymore, you know the situation is bad.

Despite his strenuous efforts to defend Biden on almost every issue, the Fox News host is done defending Biden on the border issue.

Appearing on America’s Newsroom Wallace said, “I think the general immigration policy is quite a serious problem. You had the president reverse the Trump policy and say that unaccompanied minors could come into the country and stay, they wouldn’t be turned around as they were under the Trump policy and sent back south from the border, and that has resulted in a real spike.”

“One might even use the word that the Biden administration seems uncomfortable using — crisis.”

Ya think?

It’s more than a crisis, Chris. It’s a massive failure of leadership, which was entirely foreseeable to everyone during the 2020 election. The fact that you kept shilling for Biden all that time means that you are part of the creation of that crisis.