Chris Wallace gets new primetime show with CNN after CNN+ debacle

Former Fox News anchor Chris Wallace has landed himself a new gig after CNN+’s disastrous collapse as an announcement from Warner Bros. Discovery confirmed Wallace will be hosting a new Sunday evening show for CNN.

CNN paid Wallace millions of dollars to be the headliner for their streaming service before it failed in historic fashion.

Now CNN is determined to get something back for their money and now Wallace will be part of the main network’s lineup of shows.

Wallace’s new gig appears to be part of CNN’s attempt to pivot away from the histrionic media presentation that has been a hallmark of the network for years.

CNN is falling far behind Fox News and they are in desperate need of something new to get them back in the game.

Discovery CEO David Zaslav explained that “People in America are looking for a place where people aren’t yelling and giving their opinions and they’re looking for more news. That’s what you’ll see from CNN.”

Wallace certainly isn’t the type of presenter who will be yelling and drowning viewers with his own opinion which means he will contrast well against the other personalities working for CNN.

Of course, the question remains as to if bringing in Wallace will do enough to save CNN. The failure of CNN+ can be attributed to the network’s decline in market share and CNN needs something exciting to reverse the downward spiral.

Unfortunately for them, Chris Wallace is anything but exciting, and that, in combination with CNN’s attempts to pivot to being a more serious news organization, all but assures that they will continue to lag behind Fox News.