Chris Wallace abruptly leaves Fox News for new job at CNN

Millions of Fox News viewers received an early Christmas gift after a surprise announcement was made on Sunday by one of the network’s most criticized anchors.

According to The Daily Wire, longtime Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace shocked viewers at the end of his last Sunday show when he announced it would be his last, only telling viewers that he was “ready for a new adventure.”

Shortly after news of Wallace’s surprise departure hit the headlines, it was confirmed by Wallace himself that his “new adventure” is a new job at Fox News rival CNN, where he’ll helm his own daytime show on the network’s new streaming service, known as CNN+.

Interestingly, the news came on the heels of a number of devastating staff scandals at the poorly-rated, left-leaning media outlet. Those scandals included the recent firing of their only primetime ratings-getter, Chris Cuomo, and another recent and disturbing development involving a CNN producer who was alleged to have invited underage girls to his house for sexual activities.

While it’s bizarre that a journalist at Wallace’s level would leave the highest-rated network for one that continues to struggle to gain ratings, it’s even more perplexing that he would accept a position with CNN’s new streaming service, which will undoubtedly receive even lower viewership.

But his exit from Fox was widely celebrated by countless conservative pundits and commentators, including Jeremy Boreing, Co-CEO of The Daily Wire.

“His performance as a 2020 presidential debate moderator should disqualify him from any position in journalism. Second only to Anderson Cooper and Martha Raddatz. Candy Crowley seems quaint after. Wallace may have been a straight news man before 2016, but Trump unmade him,” Boreing said.

That same sentiment was echoed across social media since Wallace’s announcement.