Chris Stirewalt, who called Arizona for Biden early, is out at Fox

As we noted in an earlier piece about the demotion of Martha McCallum, things are changing at Fox News, and that’s largely because the big boss, Rupert Murdoch, is back in charge. Murdoch has always been keenly in touch with what audiences want, and he appears to be picking up on the fact that the majority of Fox viewers are fed up with the network.

Murdoch’s latest move is a welcome one. It appears that Chris Stirewalt, a vocal critic of President Trump and author of the early Arizona call on election night, has been let go from his position at Fox News.

The Washington Examiner reports:

Fox News today dumped its politics editor, Chris Stirewalt, who Trump supporters ripped for being part of the team that called Arizona early on election night for Joe Biden, angering President Trump.

Stirewalt, a former Washington Examiner staffer, also recently drew fire for criticizing Team Trump’s claim of election fraud.

Since the election, Fox has slipped in the ratings, losing to MSNBC and CNN in several key demos.

As the Examiner notes, “Stirewalt was popular in Washington media and political circles” which isn’t the same thing as being popular among the people watching Fox.

Let’s hope that Fox regains it’s conservative voice. In a media landscape dominated by fawning conformity, we don’t need more insiders promoting their Beltway conventional wisdom on the air.

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