Chris Cuomo slammed with sexual misconduct allegation from former news colleague

The Cuomo brothers are two perverted peas in a pod, apparently.

According to the New York Post, shortly after the bombshell announcement from CNN that it had terminated its star primetime anchor, Chris Cuomo, after he was originally suspended for helping his disgraced ex-governor brother, Andrew Cuomo, during his sexual misconduct scandal, a new sexual harassment scandal cropped up. 

But this time, it was not against creepy Andy Cuomo, rather, it’s aimed at his younger brother, which could explain why CNN so abruptly fired him.

The New York Times broke the story, describing how Debra Katz, a high-powered employment lawyer who also represents one of the women in the Andrew Cuomo scandal, called CNN to tell them that one of her clients had leveled a serious sexual misconduct allegation against Chris Cuomo.

According to Katz, Chris Cuomo’s accuser is a former “junior colleague” at an unnamed news network. She noted, however, that this particular accuser’s case was not related to any of the cases regarding Andrew Cuomo.

Still, as of this writing, it’s wholly unclear whether or not Katz’s client’s explosive new allegation was the tipping point that resulted in CNN firing its only ratings-getter, though it certainly looks that way.

“Based on the report we received regarding Chris’s conduct with his brother’s defense, we had cause to terminate,” CNN told The Times. “When new allegations came to us this week, we took them seriously, and saw no reason to delay taking immediate action.”

On Monday, Chris Cuomo’s career took yet another nosedive as according to Fox News, he released a shocking statement in which he declared he would immediately leave his SiriusXM daily radio show.

“While I have a thick skin, I also have a family, for whom the past week has been extraordinarily difficult. So, right now, I have to take a step back and focus on what comes next. That means I will no longer be doing my SiriusXM radio show,” he said.