Chris Cuomo makes first telivision interview since leaving CNN

Chris Cuomo, a former CNN anchor, will give his first televised interview since being let go from the organization last year.

On Wednesday, NewsNation ran a teaser for the interview that will air the following week. On Tuesday at 8 p.m. EST, Cuomo will have a one-hour-long interview with Dan Abrams, the show’s anchor, according to The Washington Examiner.

“His first television interview since leaving CNN … what he’s doing now, what he’s doing next, and answering the tough questions about his past,” Abrams says in the clip.

Cuomo lost his job at CNN last year after it came to light that he had assisted his brother, the former governor of New York Andrew Cuomo, in fighting sexual misconduct claims that ultimately led to the latter’s departure.

According to reports, the anchor at the time used his connections in the media to learn more about his brother’s accusations. All claims of unwanted touching were refuted by the previous governor.

Chris Cuomo has recently started making appearances in the media; in late June, he returned to Instagram and shared images from his time in Ukraine along with hints about upcoming projects.

In his Twitter bio, Cuomo now has “FREE AGENT” which appeared weeks after being fired from CNN, Chris Cuomo submitted an application to become a volunteer firefighter in his posh East Hampton neighborhood. However, he later withdrew it owing to scheduling conflicts, the Daily Beast revealed this week.

Chris Cuomo has not yet officially addressed his resignation from CNN or made an appearance on television, despite his return to social media.

Chris Cuomo sued CNN in March, requesting $125 million in damages and saying that his “journalistic integrity” was “unjustifiably smeared.”