Chris Christie, political opportunist, goes after Trump

Chris Christie is the very definition of a backstabbing politician. After attacking President Trump in the 2016 debates, Christie saw which way the wind was blowing and joined forces with the President after ending his own failing campaign.

Now, it appears that Christie is jumping ship and attacking his benefactor on the way out. What a disgrace. 

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The Washington Times reports:

Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie said Sunday that the time has come for President Trump to stop challenging the outcome of the 2020 election and branded the conduct of the president’s legal team a “national embarrassment.”

The New Jersey Republican, who had competed against Mr. Trump in the 2016 GOP presidential primary before working on the Trump transition team four years ago, told ABC’s “This Week” that Mr. Trump ought to give up because he has exhausted his legal challenges in the courts

“Listen, I’ve been a supporter of the president’s. I voted for him twice. But elections have consequences, and we cannot continue to act as if something happened here that didn’t happen,” Mr. Christie said. “You have an obligation to present the evidence. The evidence has not been presented.”

Christie has an unearned reputation as a straight talker, but as we’ve seen time and time again, he’s anything but. The only principles that he has are self-interest and power.

Remember when he sucked up to Obama?