Child Molester SHOT – Stunning Moment

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18 Responses

  1. A H0M0 PED0 as a sitting court judge was just arrested for muItipLe counts of CHlLD P0RN?? UnbeIievabIe!! This is what we get for being overIy toIerant of underworId sub-cuItures. The Iibs encourage vice whiIe they de-fund lCE: creepy-joe, kamalaho, cuo-feelyouup-mo, and the Iist goes on………and the B0RDER is wide 0PEN with pIenty of fresh meat and a bunch more SlCK0’s crossing over!

  2. Now Biden is moving them to the Canadian border….. He is placing illegal aliens on our northern border… He is invading our country flying illegal aliens to all borders of the United States. This is an Invasion On Our Country by our… Government. This is Treason. They need to be held accountable. Before more children are hurt. The child rapist is dead .. The Children still suffer… Why is the president make this happen… Then ignore it? He is destroying our country!!!!!

  3. Look at the SIZE of this POCr-p!!! He didn’t want to take any chances did he now. . . little children under 10 years old! Positively DISGUSTING! If the left had their way this piece of human waste would be given a medal of honor and the policeman would be in prison!

  4. He didn’t suffer long enough. Any POS that would hurt kids like that need to die slowly and horribly.
    But there is always hell he gets to look forward to.

  5. That cop not only did his job right, he saved the taxpayers a lot of money, could have saved more by leaving his body in the desert for the bugs. Well done.

  6. At least there is some good news.

    Anyone molesting children, deserves exactly what this guy got.

    1. Any news that has Child Molesters being removed from the face of the Earth, is good news. They cannot be rehabilitated.

      1. Your right about that. If they could be rehabilitated then the prisons would not be full of Priests that did that same thing to you Catholics.
        They would not be full of child Molesters. Obama opened the doors to all Child Molesters and they were arrested again. So this tells you that
        if you have a good deal of money, you won’t be arrested nor charged with Molestation as Joe should have been. Now the excuse will be
        He has dementia so he should be allowed to do as he pleases. Just don’t let any women in with him like with Bill Clinton. Don’t leave him alone with any one other than his Wife and she doesn’t really care what happens to him. She is rooting for Harris to be President.

        1. If I days man abusing a child, boy or girl, I could easily shoot them. As many woman walking around that welcome attention, youse a child, I have no words. Pure EVIL. All most want is their wicked feelings. The most hurtful thing to do to them is injure them, then CUT it off.

    2. This is just the begining !!!! Thank the deomcrats for this because this will only increase with this the kind of trash coming in here now. Sick people could only do this to little girls, but there will be some that say they only want a better life !!! What about these little girls,,, so so sad !!!!

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