Chauvin’s defense says Floyd claimed he “ate too many drugs” in audio clip of arrest

Defense attorney for Eric Nelson argued on Wednesday that new information about George Floyd could nullify claims Derek Chauvin was responsible for George Floyd’s death, according to The Hill

According to The Hill’s report, an audio recording of Floyd’s now-famous arrest and detention potentially allows the court to hear him saying he “ate too many drugs” during his arrest in May of last year. 

During his defense of Chauvin Nelson cross-examined Los Angeles Police Department Sgt. Jody Stiger, who is a use-of-force expert brought in by prosecution, about the footage of Floyd’s death:

“I’d like you to see if you could tell me what Mr. Floyd says in this instance,” Nelson said according to The Hill, before playing a clip from the body camera of Chauvin restraining Floyd during the arrest that preceded his death.

According to the report, it was difficult to hear what was being said, but when Nelson questioned Stinger, she said as much. 

“Does it sound like he says, ‘I ate too many drugs,’ ” Nelson asked before again playing the footage. “Listen again.” Stiger again insisted that he could not “make that out.”

While the prosecution did not object to Nelson’s line of questioning, CNN legal analyst Laura Coates made her own prosecutorial objection saying that they should have immediately asked that Nelson be stopped:

“Did you hear me from where I am, standing up and pounding on the table to say objection? Because it’s exactly what the prosecution should have done in that moment,” she told CNN’s Kate Bolduan.

“The idea that you’re going to introduce testimony through the actual attorneys is not what you’re entitled to do,” Coates said.