Charlie Hurt: Biden’s border policies amount to ‘treason’ worthy of impeachment

As the Biden administration prepares to lift the so-called Title 42 pandemic mitigation measure that allowed for rapid expulsion of illegal immigrants, a massive influx of arrivals is expected to converge at the southern border soon, and in the estimation of Washington Times opinion editor Charlie Hurt, that amounts to the sort of “treason” sufficient for the commander in chief to face impeachment, as Fox News reports.

Hurt has taken to the Times in recent days to make that very point, but he also made an appearance on Friday’s installment of The Ingraham Angle, telling host Laura Ingraham that, like her, he believes that Joe Biden’s dereliction of border security duties is indeed worthy of impeachment.

“The decision by the administration to lift this Title 42, you talk to Border Patrol agents and they will tell you that they’re expecting a surge at the border this summer that could top 250,000 illegals each month, which would be obviously an historic invasion at the border,” said Hurt.

Emphasizing the urgency of the situation, Hurt prodded the GOP to start taking action now in terms of floating the prospect of presidential impeachment over immigration, saying, “I think the biggest reason why it’s so important for Republicans to begin talking about this now is they should talk about it before the [midterm] election.”

The conservative commentator continued, suggesting, “They should make the election about this issue so that when they win in November, they will have a greater mandate, an important mandate [for impeachment].”

Hurt’s stance on the matter was closely aligned with that of Ingraham, who has long been a steady voice in calling for the impeachment of Biden for what she has referred to as “border collusion,” and he further argued that prospective migrants themselves are keeping a close eye on what is going on inside the Biden administration regarding immigration policy.

“Migrants south of the border – they’re watching the news. They know that President Biden has turned a welcome light to draw all of them to the country, and they are even aware of this issue with Title 42, Hurt opined, adding, “[t]hey are poised to come into this country, and they know that they will get away with it, and they know they will be welcomed.”

Contending that, if handled correctly by the GOP, the notion of a Biden impeachment could garner widespread support, Hurt stated, “This is an issue that matters to Republican voters, but also to Democrat voters. And, as Donald Trump proved to politicians in Washington, it also matters to Hispanic voters, for example, who want to have a secure border… . It’s not a controversial issue.”

Given recent statements from Republican leaders such as Rep. Jim Jordan (OH), who stands to take the reins of the House Judiciary Committee if his party reclaims control of the lower chamber, that impeachment of the president over immigration is “a discussion we need to have,” it seems that the tide may finally be turning, and there is a real chance that Biden and complicit administration officials may finally be held to account for their ongoing abdication of their duty to keep America’s borders secure.