CDC’s own data reveals that COVID lockdowns were ineffective, dangerous

Somewhat early on during the COVID-19 pandemic, when cases and hospitalization rates were skyrocketing by the day, leaders at the local, state, and federal level decided that locking down entire communities was the answer to controlling the spread of the virus.

Boy, were they wrong. Really, embarrassingly wrong, as new data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) revealed, according to a tweet from Dr. Aaron Kheriaty.

The chart compares COVID cases in counties where lockdowns were mandatory vs. counties that didn’t have mandatory lockdowns, and the data is downright frightening as the graph appears to show greater transmission in the locked-down counties for a long stretch of the timeline.

Not only did the lockdowns impose immediate, financial harm to millions of small businesses, causing record job loss and the loss of countless livlihoodsd as a result, but the lockdowns also proved to bolster existing problems, such as abuse at home, increases in drug and alcohol overdoses, and other disturbing trends.

An NBC report from September revealed that teens suffered massively increased rates of emotional abuse during the lockdown periods.

“A majority of teenagers say they endured insults, put-downs and other forms of emotional abuse from a parent or other adult at home during the height of the pandemic lockdown in 2020,” the outlet reported.

Many experts believe that only now are we beginning to see the ramifications of some of the many unintended consequences that Americans will experience as a result of the lockdowns, which were clearly a massive mistake.

Only time will tell if the lockdowns from 2020 continue to wreak havoc on the population in ways we haven’t even yet thought of, but one thing’s for sure: the next time there’s any kind of viral outbreak, Americans will remain extremely hesitant to follow any type of lockdown orders.