CDC admits to incorrectly reporting COVID data for the state of Florida

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention moved Thursday to officially retract and amend their COVID-19 tracker reports for the state of Florida, according to Fox News

These changes come after the Florida Department of Health called out the national agency for combining several days of COVID-19 positive cases into stats for one day. 

Florida’s state’s department of health appealed publicly for an update after the negative report was used as a talking point for why the more conservative and freedom-centric COVID policies shouldn’t be used around the country. 

State officials were unrelenting in asking the CDC to update it’s COVID-19 tracker because it, ” combined “MULTIPLE days into one,” leaving those who read the information under the impression that last Sunday was the state’s worst-ever day for case increases.

When Fox News inquired about the event, the agency told the news outlet on Tuesday that they were working to correct the information after they were notified of the mistake.

While the updates have been made, it was not corrected before multiple media outlets picked up the story, painting Florida as a cautionary tale of conservative pandemic leadership.

Conservative and local outlets were quick to point out when the numbers were corrected, harshly castigating the CDC for the conveniently incorrect reporting of COVID numbers for the conservative state. 

“Wrong again. The number of cases @CDCgov released for Florida today is incorrect,” it responded to a report in the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. “They combined MULTIPLE days into one. We anticipate CDC will correct the record.”

The CDC’s original report showed that the state suffered 28,317 new cases statewide on Sunday, but eventually adjusted that number to 19,584 by Tuesday. It was still more than what the state health department said was the correct number of cases, which came to 15,319 cases on Sunday.