Pelosi is sure Census results mean they’ll keep the majority in the House

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said she has every confidence Democrats will hold the House of Representatives in the upcoming election, Breitbart News reported.  Pelosi’s comments came during an interview on Thursday’s edition on CBS’s “This Morning,” where she pointed to the Census results, saying she believed it would be favorable for her party. “[E]lections are always […]

SCOTUS strikes down California rule restricting in-home religious gatherings

Supreme Court

Religious liberty has been one of the most alarming casualties of the coronavirus pandemic, with Democrat governors across the country placing severe restrictions on the rights of individuals to freely worship. In an encouraging development, however, the United States Supreme Court on Friday struck down a California rule designed to curtail in-home religious gatherings, finding […]

Court green lights recall effort against far-left Seattle City Council member

As violent and destructive protests gripped cities in the northwestern part of the United States last year, it appeared to many that those responsible for the mayhem largely eluded accountability, but a recent court ruling offers a glimmer of hope that at least one high-profile protest organizer will face consequences for her actions. According to […]

BREAKING: Ron DeSantis To The Rescue – He Did It

Governor @RonDeSantisFL Announcing He Will Be Taking Executive Action Against "Vaccine Passports" "We always said we want to provide it for all, but mandate it for none." “We are not going to have you provide proof of this just to be able to live your life normally.” — The Columbia Bugle 🇺🇸 (@ColumbiaBugle) March […]

Canadian father jailed for using wrong pronouns on daughter who now identifies as male

The Attorney General of British Columbia issued an arrest warrant on Tuesday for Canadian father Robert Hoogland who called his biological daughter “she” and “her” instead of using the 14-year-old’s preferred pronouns, according to The Daily Wire. According to the publication, the daughter, who was not named, began to receive testosterone injections without the consent of […]

Hot Take: Trump Doctor Was Right

The great Scott Atlas: “Second, I remain surprised at the acceptance by the American people of draconian rules, restrictions, and unprecedented mandates, even those that are arbitrary, destructive, and wholly unscientific.” — Jenin Younes (Leftylockdownskeptic 🙂) (@Leftylockdowns1) March 9, 2021

Chris Wallace’s career continues leftward tilt with latest comments


Chris Wallace wants you to think that he’s a “fair and balanced” centrist, but he also thinks you’re stupid enough to not notice his slavish devotion to left-leaning talking points. In his latest attempt at hoodwinking his audience, Wallace praised Joe Biden for being “disciplined” and “in the center.” Breitbart reports: Anchor Bill Hemmer asked, […]