President Trump announces he’s not done – lays out path to victory

President Trump just broke his post-election silence with an interview with Washington Examiner reporter Byron York, and it’s confirmed – he’s not going to concede anytime soon. It’s always a bad idea to count President Trump out, and he has a specific idea of exactly what it’ll take to get a path to victory. Trump […]

Supreme Court announcement: Justice Alito’s warning

Supreme Court

For all the Democrats bluster about what a threat Donald Trump is to our civic institutions, the real threat has always been from them. Now a member of the nation’s highest court is warning Americans that they’re in danger of losing the integrity of the Supreme Court itself. Justice Samuel Alito made waves in a […]

Something is very, very wrong in Wisconsin.

Margaret Menge is a professional journalist who has followed Wisconsin politics for a long time – and she has an important message for all of us about just how troubling the numbers in Wisconsin are. She says: The State of Wisconsin should not certify its election results until it can get to the bottom of […]

Pennsylvania bombshell – thousands of ballots have impossible return dates

We knew it was fraud, but now we have evidence. Based on a brand new analysis of mail-in votes, over 100,000 ballots in the state of Pennsylvania have impossible return dates. Currently, Joe Biden is leading President Trump by 30,000-40,000 ballots in the state. The Epoch Times reports: More than 20,000 absentee ballots in Pennsylvania have impossible return […]

Biden is planning a “shock and awe” blitz to undo Trump’s agenda

If you thought that the radical left would take it easy after barely squeaking out a contested election, think again. They aren’t content with just stealing an election – they want to transform America. And now we know exactly how they plan to do it. The Daily Mail reports: Joe Biden plans to immediately sign a […]

Michigan whistleblower in contact with FBI over voter fraud


John Solomon has big news for Trump supporters out of Michigan. Some of you might remember Solomon from his excellent reporting on the Mueller investigation. Now he’s heading up a team of over 30 journalists across the country that are looking into allegations of voter fraud in the 2020 election. What they’re finding is fascinating. […]

It’s not over in Georgia – military ballots yet to be counted

While Joe Biden has pulled ahead in Georgia, the race isn’t over yet. Potentially thousands of overseas and military ballots are yet to be counted, reports Fox News: By today’s deadline, Georgia could receive anywhere from zero to 8,899 military and overseas ballots. Those ballots could make a difference, according to Count Every Hero, an advocacy […]

Facebook and Twitter cross a line – there’s no turning back from here

Would be a shame if this went viral. — Blair Brandt (@BlairBrandt) October 14, 2020 Twitter has just deleted the New York Post’s initial tweet with the article on Hunter Biden. This is election interference. It’s time to act. — Ryan Fournier (@RyanAFournier) October 14, 2020 Update: Looks like the Dept. of Homeland Security […]